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Luxembourg Work Visas & Permits

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All companies entering the Luxembourg market need to secure work visas for every foreign employee. If you don’t already have a business set up in the country, you’ll also need to form a legal entity, hire employees, set up payroll, and complete other tasks before you can obtain Luxembourg work visas. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for companies that aren’t familiar with Luxembourg’s laws and regulations.

Globalization Partners offers an easier way to obtain Luxembourg work visas for all of your employees. Our Global Expansion Platform™ will allow us to act as the Employer of Record on your behalf, so we’ll be responsible for hiring employees for your team and ensuring that they’re ready to work.

What Types of Luxembourg Work Visas Are Available?

European Union (EU) citizens, as well as residents of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, do not need work permits to live or work in Luxembourg. However, third-country nationals from outside the EU will need a work and residence permit to legally work for your company in Luxembourg.

The different types of Luxembourg work permits include:

  • Short stay (C): A short stay visa gives individuals the ability to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days uninterrupted or in stages totaling 90 days over 180 days. This visa is typically used for business trips, conferences, meetings, and family visits.
  • Long stay visas (D): This visa is meant for foreigners who want to travel to Luxembourg for more than three months for work, for education, or to settle permanently. It is most common for salaried workers, self-employed workers, highly qualified employees, students, and au pairs.
  • EU Blue Card: Third-country nationals wanting to work for more than three months as highly qualified workers in Luxembourg can apply for the EU Blue Card. This type of visa requires a special procedure and provides specific benefits.

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in Luxembourg

Most of your employees will need to apply for long-term visas after their temporary residence certificate expires. The application process changes based on reason for entry, such as employment, education, and private circumstances, but all applicants must submit the documents in person at the Luxembourg diplomatic or consular mission in their home country or the Schengen area. Some of the requirements include:

  • Two recent and identical photos proving identity
  • A valid passport or travel document
  • Temporary authorization to stay

Once an employee gets the “D” visa, it’s valid for 90 days to one year. Employees will also need to pay a 50 EUR fee to obtain the visa. Typically, it goes on the employee’s passport as a stamp or vignette.

What Is the Luxembourg Working Visa Application Process Like?

Every application process is different depending on why your employee requires a Luxembourg working visa. As the employer, you’ll likely need to help with the application, or you can apply on the employee’s behalf if they give you power of attorney.

The first step to obtaining a work visa is applying for temporary leave to stay in the country through the Immigration Directorate. Employees should do this before they leave their home country. Once they receive a temporary visa, they can complete the D visa application process following arrival in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg manages all work visas on a regional basis, so employees must submit their application in the area where they want to live and work. The process includes:

  • Submitting a declaration at the local administration offices to confirm that the individual wants to live in that region
  • Undergoing a medical check
  • Downloading formal application forms on Luxembourg’s government website
  • Reapplying for the visa if the applicant intends to stay beyond the visa’s expiration

What Else Should You Consider?

If your employees also have family members they want to bring to Luxembourg, they’ll need to apply for separate visas. EU Blue Card holders can apply for these visas without a waiting period because of the family reunification scheme. Other visa holders must apply for documentation for family members before they arrive in the country. There’s a 12-month waiting period before they can apply, and they must prove that they can financially sustain and provide adequate accommodation for family.

Contact Us to Learn How to Get a Work Visa in Luxembourg

Globalization Partners will help you work quickly in Luxembourg with employees who already have the work permits they need. Contact us today to learn more.

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