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All companies entering the Luxembourg market need to secure work visas for every international employee. If you don’t already have a business established in the country, you’ll also need to form a legal entity, set up payroll, and complete other tasks before you can obtain Luxembourg work visas. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for companies that aren’t familiar with Luxembourg’s laws and regulations.

Types of work visas in Luxembourg

European Union (EU) citizens, as well as residents of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, do not need work permits to live or work in Luxembourg. Note that if residents from these countries plan to stay longer than 90 days in Luxembourg, they will have to obtain a registration certificate (attestation d’enregistrement). Applicants will be issued a temporary residence certificate until the long-term permit arrives by post together with the tax ID.

In contrast, any third-country nationals from outside the EU will need a work and residence permit to legally work in Luxembourg.

The different types of Luxembourg work visas and permits include:

  • Short stay (C): A short stay visa gives individuals the ability to stay in the Schengen area for a continued or interrupted period of 90 days. This visa is typically used for business trips, conferences, meetings, and family visits.
  • Long stay visa (D): This visa is meant for third-country nationals who want to travel to Luxembourg for more than 3 months for work, education, or to join a family member who is an EU citizen. It is most common for salaried employees, self-employed workers, highly qualified employees, and students.
  • EU Blue Card: Third-country nationals wanting to work for more than 3 months as highly qualified employees in Luxembourg can apply for the EU Blue Card. This type of work permit requires a special procedure and provides specific benefits.

Application process

The application process varies depending on the visa type. Employers will likely need to provide support throughout the application process or apply on the employee’s behalf using power of attorney.

The first step to obtaining a work visa is applying for temporary authorization to stay in the country (autorisation de séjour temporaire) through the Immigration Directorate. The application needs to be submitted and favorably advised before entry to Luxembourg. An application submitted after arrival is inadmissible.  Once the worker receives approval of the temporary authorization to stay, they can submit the D visa application to the consulate in their country of residence.

Luxembourg manages all work visas on a regional basis, so employees must complete the following actions in the location where they want to live and work:

  • Submit a declaration at the local administration offices to confirm the individual’s desire to live in that region. The must be done within 3 working days upon the applicant’s arrival.
  • Undergo a medical check.
  • Download and fill out formal application forms from Luxembourg’s government website.

Other important considerations

If employees also have family members they want to bring to Luxembourg, they’ll need to apply for separate visas. EU Blue Card holders can apply for these visas without a waiting period because of the family reunification scheme. Other visa holders must apply for documentation for family members before they arrive to the country. There’s a 12-month waiting period before being eligible to apply, and they must prove that they can financially sustain and provide adequate accommodation for their family.

As of 2023, those with family member status will not require a separate work permit and will have the right to work once they receive official confirmation of their status and have registered at a town hall.

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