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Mauritania Recruiting and Hiring

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 Mauritania has a small population, which means it’s more difficult to find well-educated employees looking for specialized positions. Despite this difficulty, you need to hire talented employees who can keep your business going. You must also understand how to hire Mauritania employees to stay compliant.

Globalization Partners understands the challenges related to employment in a foreign country, which is why we offer Mauritania hiring outsourcing. Instead of worrying about how you’ll recruit the right employees and onboard them at your company, remember that our team will handle everything by hiring your employees through our global PEO. As the Employer of Record, we’ll also handle Mauritania employment compliance to ensure that you meet applicable laws and regulations.

Recruiting in Mauritania

Mauritania’s unique blended culture is the result of multiple indigenous ethnic groups, as well as the influence of French culture that stems back to the country’s colonial past. Today, this northwest African country is gaining traction as an international business center. If you’re considering expanding to the country, it’s crucial to first learn traditional practices and business etiquette norms. Once you know how to effectively communicate with candidates, you can successfully staff and recruit top local talent.

Keep these four tips in mind as you begin to navigate your staffing and recruiting processes.

1. Don’t Expect Meetings to Start on Time

While common courtesy suggests arriving on time for appointments, it is rare for meetings to start promptly. Locals may arrive late without apology, and still greet everyone in the room before joining the meeting. If you expect punctuality during the interviewing and hiring processes, you may have to be explicit about your expectations.

2. Make an Effort to Show Courtesy

Business etiquette is defined by courtesy. Handshakes are customary upon both beginning and ending a business meeting. You should expect a significant period of small talk before launching into actual business conversation. Making an effort to match this level of courtesy will go far in impressing candidates and building a positive relationship with prospective new hires.

3. Follow Rank and Protocol

Rank and protocol matter greatly in this culture. You should follow the right chain of command when dealing with local professionals, even when this means extending the timeline for a decision-making process. To show respect for rank, use the proper title when addressing someone.

4. Prioritize Gestures of Hospitality

Hospitality plays an integral role in the country’s culture. You will likely be asked to share a meal with business partners or candidates. Keep in mind that due to the country’s Muslim tradition, people are forbidden from consuming alcohol and pork. Gift giving is a common part of business etiquette. You can expect to receive a gift as a souvenir of the country and may wish to have a small gift ready to offer in return.

The Recruitment Process in Mauritania

Mauritania is rapidly becoming a desirable destination for businesses to expand, thanks to positive changes in its business environment over the last decade. You’ll discover a variety of options to initiate your staffing and recruiting processes:

  • Handle your recruitment in-house: If you’d prefer to manage your Mauritania staffing internally, consider advertising your open positions on a variety of job search portals. Aim to post on general websites and professional social media platforms as well as portals specific to your industry. This will help cover your bases and yield the best chance of a successful hire.
  • Hire a local talent recruitment agency: If you’re aiming for a quick hiring timeline, managing the process in-house may not be the best solution. Turning to a local headhunting agency can help you to find and recruit talented candidates much faster. However, recruitment agencies generally won’t ensure legal compliance. Due to the complicated nature of international employment regulations, it’s vital to check every detail and abide by hiring laws in-country.
  • Partner with a global PEO: A global PEO can help recruit top talent and serve as the employer of record for any hires. In addition to streamlining your recruitment process, your company can enjoy full peace of mind knowing that you’re not responsible for your new employees’ legal compliance.

If you decide to recruit and hire employees on your own, keep in mind that you must meet the minimum statutory employment regulations. This includes offering paid annual leave and paying a minimum wage rate of 30,000 Mauritanian ouguiyas per month. As your company continues to expand in-country, you’ll need to stay abreast of these legal requirements to ensure your Mauritania recruiting process remains compliant.

How to Hire Mauritania Employees

When you’re learning how to hire Mauritania employees, you need to first consider your employment contract. This contract will help you create a clear agreement with employees and avoid any legal ramifications. Most employment contracts are written in Arabic and can be either fixed-term or indefinite. Fixed-term contracts usually have a precisely defined duration with a calendar date, while indefinite contracts continue until termination.

All contracts should include key information, such as compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and working hours. Make sure you list salary and compensation amounts in Mauritanian ouguiya to avoid any confusion with employees.

Mauritania Employment Compliance Laws

Mauritania’s employment compliance laws include working hours. The country typically observes a Monday through Friday working week, but some companies that are not in the government or banking sectors will work Saturdays. Employees typically work from 8-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8-12 p.m. on Friday, but private entities can create different working hours.

Every time you hire a new Mauritania employee, they must sign the employment contract. Then, you need to register them with the local authorities and social security. You must obtain copies of two ID photos, their birth certificate, their criminal record, copies of their diploma, and more before they officially start.

Best Ways to Onboard Your New Hires

Onboarding your new hires will require time and patience. The process may look different for every company depending on your size, resources, and time available, but we do recommend incorporating a few simple steps. First, take the time to review the employee’s contract with them along with any other important company documents. Then you should enroll them in a training program to prepare them for their new positions.

Benefits of Choosing Mauritania Hiring Outsourcing

You have a lot on your plate during a global expansion, which makes it difficult to devote the time necessary to hiring. Fortunately, you can trust Globalization Partners and Mauritania hiring outsourcing to ensure that you get talented employees who will help build your company. We have a proven, positive hiring process that helps employees be productive from the start. You can also trust us to handle Mauritania employment compliance on your behalf.

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