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Moldova Work Visas & Permits

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Is your company undertaking the exciting challenge of international expansion? Moldova’s steadily growing economy and mild, sunny weather make this European nation a desirable destination for foreign companies and workers. Before the move, however, you’ll need to ensure that all of your employees have the proper work visas and permits.

If you’re already managing a successful business and planning to expand internationally, you might not have time to learn how to get a work visa in Moldova. You can simplify the process of expansion by partnering with an experienced global PEO like Globalization Partners. We can hire employees for you through our subsidiary in Moldova, taking the burden of obtaining work permits and visas off your shoulders. We can also handle payroll, benefits, and more. We’ll ensure that your company is compliant in Moldova from the start.

What Categories of Visas Are Available in Moldova?

Four types of visas will allow foreign nationals to cross the border into Moldova. These visas include:

  • Moldova Airport Transit Visa (Type A): This visa allows foreign citizens to stay in the international portion of an airport in Moldova between flights.
  • Moldova Transit Visa (Type B): A Type B visa is valid for up to five days, during which the holder can travel through Moldova to reach another destination outside the country’s borders.
  • Moldova Tourist Visa (Type C or Short-Stay Visa): A Type B visa is valid for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. This visa is issued for short-term stays in Moldova, such as business meetings, cultural visits, and tourist trips.
  • Moldova Long-Stay Visa (Type D): A Type D visa allows foreign nationals to travel to Moldova to apply for a residence permit.

Any foreign employees hired by your company will need to obtain a Type D visa, after which they must obtain a residence permit as well as a work permit.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Work Permit in Moldova?

Before applying for a work permit, your company’s employees will need to obtain a long-stay visa.

To obtain a Moldovan work permit, foreign employees will need to provide:

  • The original copy of their employment contract with a company in Moldova
  • One passport photo, which should be in color
  • A police background check from the applicant’s country of residence
  • Proof that the applicant has accommodations in Moldova
  • A copy of the favorable opinion issued to the employer by the National Agency for Employment in Moldova
  • A copy of any documents confirming the applicant’s qualifications to work
  • A duly completed application form
  • Copies of the employer’s constituent documents, such as the certificate of registration in Moldova
  • The applicant’s national identification card
  • A medical certificate demonstrating that the applicant has tested negative for HIV and AIDS
  • Documents confirming the employer’s activities, including financial reports

All official documents should be translated to Romanian, the official language in Moldova.

What Steps Should Applicants Take to Get a Working Visa in Moldova?

Before traveling to Moldova for employment purposes, foreign nationals will need to apply for a Type D visa. They should do so at the Moldovan consulate or diplomatic mission in their country of residence. The required documents for the application may vary, so employees should contact the diplomatic mission for specific information.

Employees should also be aware of the requirements for the work permit application, as some steps need to be completed before they leave their country of residence. For example, they’ll need to make arrangements for lodging in Moldova and obtain a criminal background check and medical certificate.

After obtaining an entry visa and gathering the necessary documents for the Moldovan work permit, the employee may travel to Moldova. There, they’ll need to obtain a residence permit.

In Moldova, work permits are issued by the National Agency for Employment within the Ministry of Economy. The employer typically applies on behalf of foreign workers. Upon issuance of a work permit, your employees may begin working.

Other Key Considerations

Keep in mind that while Moldova has a close relationship with the European Union (EU), it is not currently a member state. Therefore, these visa requirements apply to all foreign nationals, including those who are citizens of other European nations in the EU. Should Moldova become a part of the EU in the future, these regulations will be updated.

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