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Poland Compensation & Benefits

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Compensating your new employees is one of any expansion’s most critical facets. Different countries have various minimum wage laws, bonus requirements, and payment methods that you must learn before adding employees to your payroll. Another equally vital area is benefits. Failing to provide guaranteed benefits could lead to fines, and forgetting any supplemental benefits will cause employees to look for positions elsewhere.

When you need Poland compensation and benefits outsourcing, choose Globalization Partners. We’ll make sure to pay your employees correctly and source benefits that will ensure your workers feel like valued members of your team.

Poland Compensation Laws

Poland recently raised its minimum wage by 7.1% in 2019 to 14.70 PLN per hour. Employees typically work eight hours a day and 40 hours each week. Anything more is considered overtime, which the employer must approve. Poland compensation laws base overtime on an allowance schedule of 50% to 100% of gross pay on top of the employee’s regular salary or additional leave time.

Guaranteed Benefits

Your Poland benefit management system first needs to cover all guaranteed benefits. Poland has 13 public holidays in which employees receive the day off. Employees are also entitled to 20 to 26 days of paid leave each year depending on tenure. In Poland, this tenure is based on all periods of employment and education instead of the length of service at just one workplace.

Another guaranteed benefit is maternity and paternity leave, which is paid for by the Social Security Bureau (ZUS). The length of maternity leave depends on how many children the female employee births. After giving birth to one child, the mother receives 20 weeks of maternity leave, while a woman who gives birth to five or more children receives 37 weeks. Male employees receive two weeks of paternity leave, which they can take before the child reaches 24 months old.

Poland Benefit Management

Poland benefit management also includes any supplemental benefits employees may expect. Private health insurance is becoming more common in Poland, especially for senior personnel in larger cities. If you choose to provide an additional health insurance package, you can combine it with the mandatory preventive medical examination under one contract with an Occupational Medical Center. You could also give employees an allowance of around 150 PLN to 300 PLN a month to use for health insurance.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation

Employers should keep in mind any additional restrictions for benefits and compensation based on industry and location. Work with an expert or research the statutory minimums ahead of time so that you can provide employees with the best possible plan.

Choose Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners offers Poland benefit and compensation outsourcing services for companies looking to expand to the country. We have the experience and knowledge you need to grow your company. Plus, our Employer of Record platform allows you to start working without first setting up a subsidiary. Contact us today to learn more.

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