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Republic of the Congo Compensation & Benefits

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Your employees require a certain level of compensation and benefits to choose your position over another. Providing outstanding compensation and benefits will also encourage employees to stay with your company long-term. But do you know the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s compensation laws and the statutory benefits that you must provide?

Globalization Partners offers Democratic Republic of the Congo benefits and compensation outsourcing to make your expansion faster and easier. We can add your employees to our payroll and benefits plan to ensure total compliance. You won’t have to waste time setting up your own subsidiary or plans, as we’ll handle everything for you.

Democratic Republic of the Congo Compensation Laws

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s minimum wage last changed in 2009, and it’s currently 1,680 Congolese francs a day. Currently, employees work 40-72-hour weeks every week, and the government sets aside rest periods and overtime pay. It also does not prohibit compulsory overtime.

Guaranteed Benefits for Every Employee

Every employee needs to receive guaranteed benefits as part of a Democratic Republic of the Congo benefits management plan. After working for one year, employees can start earning annual paid time off. The schedule includes:

  • At least one day of leave per full month of service for people older than 18
  • At least 1.5 days of leave per full month of service for people younger than 18
  • Increases for every five years of service

Two other guaranteed benefits include sick leave and maternity leave. Employees with fixed-term contracts of more than six months and indefinite contracts should get sick leave. The first 10 days are paid at the full basic salary, with reductions in 10-day increments after. Female employees should receive a minimum of 14 weeks of maternity leave at 67% of their normal wage after working six months for their company.

Dispersing Your Democratic Republic of the Congo Benefits Management Plan

After you create a benefits plan, you must give out all statutory benefits to employees. However, you can benefit from going above and beyond and providing supplemental benefits not required by law. Whether it’s performance-based bonuses, a health stipend, a company car, or education allowance, you can benefit from greater longevity and happiness in employees.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits in This Country

While there are many restrictions for compensation and benefits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the biggest is the incorporation process. You must have a registered subsidiary in the country before you can give out compensation and benefits to employees. However, many companies need weeks or months to establish a subsidiary, and that can delay their plans to work in the country.

Globalization Partners can help you expand faster through Democratic Republic of the Congo benefits and compensation outsourcing. We’ll use our subsidiary in the country to help you work in a day or two. Since we’ll be the Employer of Record, we’ll be responsible for all compliance instead of your company.

Partner With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners will help you succeed in business around the world. Contact us today to learn more about Democratic Republic of the Congo compensation and benefits outsourcing.

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