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Senegal Hiring

Hiring employees in Senegal is an important task for your company. You need to find the right people who will be dedicated to growing your new location. You may also need to travel back and forth to Senegal throughout the hiring process to ensure you’re recruiting top talent.

Globalization Partners offers a new way to hire employees in Senegal. We have subsidiaries around the world that we use to hire employees on your behalf. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about compliance or spending too much time hiring employees when you should be focusing on building your company.

How to Hire Employees in Senegal

If you’re looking to learn more about how to hire employees in Senegal, you need to make sure you have a staff member or consultant that speaks the country’s main languages. The majority of Senegal residents speak French and their own ethnic language. In the capital of Dakar, the people speak Wolof.

Senegal requires a written employment contract that can be indefinite or fixed. The country also permits fixed employment contracts up to 24 months with the option to renew. All employment contracts should include compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and salary amounts in West African CFA francs instead of a foreign currency.

Senegal Employment Compliance Laws

It’s important to understand Senegal’s employment compliance laws and recent changes. Foreign nationals looking for long-term employment in Senegal must wait until they receive a work permit to begin working. Work permit applications enter Senegal under a business visa, and it can take up to four weeks for an employee to receive one.

Another new requirement is that employment contracts must include the projected start date, not the actual start date. The actual start date depends on when an employee gets their work permit.

How to Successfully Onboard Employees in Senegal

Once you hire employees in Senegal, you need to onboard them in the way that’s most successful for your company. Senegal’s employment compliance laws do not dictate one way to successfully onboard employees, so you’re free to outline the process. We recommend reviewing the employment contract with all new employees during their first day or week. You can also give them copies of any other important company documents, and encourage them to ask questions.

The Benefit of Hiring Outsourcing in Senegal

Instead of hiring Senegal employees yourself, you can choose to outsource with a recruitment firm or global PEO. Senegal hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners can help you achieve more benefits quickly. We use our existing subsidiary to hire employees to work on your behalf. Instead of waiting months until you can set up your own subsidiary, you can get started in just a few days with Globalization Partners.

Benefits of Working With Globalization Partners

When you work with our team, you don’t have to understand all the ins and outs of hiring employees in Senegal. We use our Senegal hiring outsourcing services to make your expansion easier.┬áContact us today┬áto learn more.

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