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Slovenia Hiring

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You can’t underestimate the importance of the hiring process. Recruiting and onboarding the right employees will ensure that your company succeeds. Plus, learning how to hire Slovenia employees and meet the country’s employment compliance laws will help you stay compliant without any fines or delays.

However, it’s tough to focus on hiring when you’re also trying to establish a new company location, figure out your payroll, and provide compensation and benefits. Globalization Partners makes it easier to hire talented employees through Slovenia hiring outsourcing. We’ll recruit top candidates for you or onboard your preferred employees, who will be ready to work in a day or two.

How to Hire Slovenian Employees

Slovenia requires you to use an employment contract to hire all employees. A general rule is that employment contracts extend for an indefinite duration, but you can also use fixed-term contracts if you have a specific project, want to replace a temporarily absent employee, or need to manage a temporary increase in workload. Fixed-term contracts cannot exceed two years.

You should give the prospective employee their employment contract three days before the start date, and they should sign it on their start date. Contracts should always be in the local language and include terms related to compensation, benefits, termination requirements, collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), and similar factors. Offer letters and employment contracts that include monetary amounts should always be in EUR instead of any other foreign currency.

Slovenia’s Employment Compliance Laws

Slovenia’s employment compliance laws apply to work hours once your employee starts. Employees in the country usually work eight hours a day over five days a week. However, those working in the private sector have to work an average of 10 hours each day. Full-time workers cannot work less than 36 hours per week.

Overtime is paid in Slovenia for anything over eight hours a day, and your industry sector should determine the right compensation amount. Many workers are used to working overtime without any additional compensation.

Onboarding Employees in This Country

You can create a positive hiring experience by onboarding several employees at one time. Hold a meeting where all new hires can meet each other, and go over the important aspects of your company during that meeting. If you can, try to travel to Slovenia to welcome new employees in person and show them their value to your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Slovenia Hiring

Opting for Slovenia hiring outsourcing services with Globalization Partners will make your expansion easier and more productive. We’ll help recruit the right candidates for your open positions or ensure we onboard the candidates you want. Every employee will have a positive hiring experience, and they can start working for you in a day or two. We’ll also handle all Slovenia employment compliance laws as the Employer of Record.

Partner With the Global Expansion Experts

Globalization Partners wants to see you succeed in Slovenia and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about Slovenia hiring outsourcing and our global expansion platform.

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