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Swaziland Hiring

Eswatini, also known as Swaziland, had a high unemployment rate as recently as 2016, as well as a shortage of technically skilled labor. The tough labor environment can make it difficult to find talented candidates and meet the country’s employment compliance laws. Plus, you have to worry about running a new company location on top of handling employment.

Globalization Partners can take some of the stress off your plate through Eswatini hiring outsourcing. We’ll hire the right Eswatini employees for your open positions and shoulder the responsibility of compliance. You can feel confident in the ease of your expansion when you work with us.

How to Hire Eswatini Employees

The best way to hire Eswatini employees is through an employment contract. You can use a fixed-term or indefinite contract, but it must be written in the local language. You should include everything from compensation and benefits to termination requirements to meet Eswatini employment compliance laws. All salary and compensation amounts should be in Swazi lilangeni instead of foreign currency.

Eswatini Employment Compliance Laws

Eswatini’s employment compliance laws can vary if your employees are a part of a labor union or become covered by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Labor unions are independent of Eswatini’s government, but the government has refused to recognize several labor unions. These unions do practice collective bargaining, but individuals in the financial and garment industries may practice collective bargaining on their own.

You also need to meet Eswatini’s established workweek hours to stay compliant. Employees should not work more than five and a half days over a workweek. Their one day of rest during the week should get taken at a time both you and the employee agree on. You can include this day off in the employment contract.

What’s the Best Way to Onboard Employees?

Once you figure out how to hire Eswatini employees, you need to focus on the best way to onboard them. The country does not have laws relating to the onboarding process, so most companies are free to onboard employees however they wish. We recommend reviewing the employment contract and other important documents during the employee’s first day. Then, you should provide important job training to ensure employees are comfortable with your company and their position.

Benefits of Eswatini Hiring Outsourcing

Hiring employees in your native country is difficult enough, but you have even more to worry about during international expansion. While you hire Eswatini employees, you also have to handle payroll, compensation, benefits, and all other aspects of your expansion. That’s where Globalization Partners can help with Eswatini hiring outsourcing.

We’ll take the burden of hiring and Eswatini employment compliance off your shoulders and onto our own. We’ll hire employees, assign them to work on your behalf, and make sure they have a positive hiring experience that allows them to start work sooner.

Contact Globalization Partners Today

When you work with Globalization Partners, you won’t have to go through the lengthy subsidiary setup process before hiring employees. Contact us today to learn more about Eswatini hiring outsourcing.

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