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Tajikistan Compensation & Benefits

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Expanding your company to Tajikistan is an exciting time. A successful expansion will provide new business relationships, lucrative contracts, and the chance to enter a new market. However, these benefits don’t come without challenges, including some related to compensation and benefits.

Globalization Partners offers Tajikistan compensation and benefits outsourcing through our subsidiary. Instead of taking the time to establish your own entity or worrying about meeting Tajikistan’s compensation laws, allow us to take on all the risk for you as the Employer of Record. Once you do, you can focus on running your company while we focus on everything else.

Tajikistan Compensation Laws

Tajikistan has a national minimum wage of 400 Tajikistani somoni per month. Although the minimum wage was last changed in 2016, there are certain government subsidiaries for workers and families. Employees who work any extra hours should get 100% of their normal pay or additional paid time off. The country restricts overtime to two hours for employees who work in harsh conditions and four hours for all others.

Guaranteed Benefits for Every Employee

Whenever you start working in a new country, you need to ensure that all employees receive statutory benefits as part of your Tajikistan benefits management plan. Tajikistan celebrates nine public holidays, and you should give employees those days off. You should also provide 24 calendar days of paid annual leave. Some employees, such as those who work in harsh conditions, disabled employees, and workers under 18, should receive additional paid time off.

Another guaranteed benefit that’s important to employees is parental leave. Female employees are typically entitled to 70 days of paid maternity leave during pregnancy and another 70 days after the birth. If the employee has a difficult birth, she should get 86 paid days of leave. You should also provide 40 TJS as a childcare benefit until the child turns 18 months old.

Dispersing Your Tajikistan Benefits Management Plan

Once you put your Tajikistan benefits management plan together, you need to give those benefits to all employees. This is a good time to provide more than just the statuary minimums, offering market norm benefits that employees may expect. Some example supplemental benefits include:

  • Performance-based bonuses
  • 13th-month bonuses
  • Additional paid time off
  • A company car
  • An education allowance

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

You have two options for working in Tajikistan — set up your own subsidiary or work with a global PEO. Since having a subsidiary is necessary to provide compensation and benefits, you’ll need a registered entity before beginning any type of work. However, it can take weeks or months before you can give out compensation and benefits.

Globalization Partners is a global PEO that will help you work faster. Our team will use our subsidiary for your expansion. By adding your employees to our payroll and benefits plan, you can save time and have peace of mind regarding compliance.

Make Your Expansion Easier With Globalization Partners

You can trust Globalization Partners for a smooth and easy transition. Contact us today to learn more about Tajikistan benefits and compensation outsourcing.

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