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Tajikistan Recruiting and Hiring

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When you started your parent company, you most likely had trouble finding the most talented employees to take on your open positions. You may have had to refine your hiring process, onboard employees differently, or totally change your recruiting process. Most companies know that hiring Tajikistan employees is important for their business, but do you have the time necessary to devote to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding?

Globalization Partners is a global PEO dedicated to helping you make the most of your expansion. Our team will work with you from day one to recruit talented employees, hire them through our established subsidiary, and onboard them so that they can start working for you immediately. Since we act as the Employer of Record, we can handle Tajikistan employment compliance while you manage your company.

Recruiting in Tajikistan

Are you considering expanding your business into Tajikistan? Like any country, this one is marked by unique social nuances and a complex political, religious, and historical past that has shaped its culture today. Learning how to navigate this unique culture will help you approach recruiting and staffing appropriately and effectively. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you can find and hire the right candidates quickly.

1. Focus on Building Friendly Relationships

Tajiks are known for their warmth and hospitality. Relationships are the foundation of this country’s workplace and culture. Before conducting business, take some time to engage your prospective recruit in conversation. Building trust and creating a friendly dynamic will demonstrate your respect for the culture and country.

2. Follow the Local’s Lead When Greeting

When first meeting a local professional, it’s best to follow their lead. Handshakes are common, and you can expect them to last for a while. According to traditional Islamic etiquette, you should wait for the other to withdraw their hand first before doing the same. If you are a male, take caution when greeting a woman — only attempt to shake her hand if she extends it to you first. If she does not, a simple nod and verbal greeting should suffice.

3. Arrive on Time — But Don’t Expect the Same of Locals

Nonresidents are generally expected to arrive on time at any scheduled appointments. However, don’t be surprised if your guest is tardy or begins the meeting late. Punctuality is not a cultural priority, so try to maintain a flexible mindset while working with locals in-country.

4. Be Aware of Religious Traditions

Tajikistan is a predominantly Muslim country. To demonstrate your respect for Islamic dietary restrictions, avoid ordering or serving dishes with pork, and drinking alcohol during business meetings. Before scheduling a meeting at a restaurant, make sure the menu includes a variety of vegetarian options in case your guests don’t eat meat. Also, be cognizant of Islamic daily prayer times when planning interviews.

5. Schedule Time Between Meetings

A cultural emphasis on friendliness and small talk can lead to a propensity for lateness. Meetings often run past the scheduled time, and cutting off the meeting abruptly can come across as rude. Don’t plan meetings back to back, or you may run late throughout the day. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to socialize and build relationships before and after your meeting. 

The Recruitment Process in Tajikistan

Staffing and recruiting begin with sourcing the right talent. As you start to build your overseas team, you’ll need to determine how you want to approach the recruitment process. Do you have the resources, time, and expertise to handle the recruitment process internally? Or would it serve your company better to outsource the Tajikistan staffing process to a local company?

If you decide to pursue an in-house strategy, take some time to publish your job postings on local recruitment channels, including job search websites and social media platforms. Many local companies don’t advertise their jobs online, so you will likely find that digital job sites are relatively uncompetitive.

You may prefer to turn to a local hiring agency or global PEO, also known as an employer of record, to speed up your Tajikistan staffing and recruiting timeline. A local hiring agency can tap into their preexisting network in-country, while a global PEO can offer compliant hiring and become the employer of record for any new hires. This will take the burden of legal compliance from your shoulders and ensure you can hire international talent without concerns about the fine print of legal compliance.

How to Hire Tajikistan Employees

Typically, employers must draft an employment contract to hire Tajikistan employees. Although the contract can be oral or written, we recommend a written contract with terms spelled out in Tajiki. You can include any terms relevant to the position, but we recommend including compensation, benefits, termination, and working hours. Any time you include compensation, always list it in Tajikistani somoni.

Tajikistan Employment Compliance Laws

Tajikistan employment compliance laws are included in several different sources, including The Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Labor Code, certain enactments passed by parliament and the president, and collective agreements such as trade unions. The basic laws and rights pertaining to employees include:

  • Free occupational services, job training, and more
  • Equal and prompt pay
  • Free assistance in finding suitable employment
  • Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • Time off work
  • Compensation for relocation
  • Compensation for health problems or damage to a worker’s property from work
  • Ability to join a trade union or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and strike
  • Social insurance benefits
  • Protection in the event of unemployment

How to Onboard Employees Successfully

Your company gets to decide how you want to onboard employees. However, we do recommend starting the process by having employees sign their contract with your company. Then, you should enroll employees in a training program that will make sure they’re prepared for their positions. If you plan to foster a collaborative office where employees work in teams, you should take steps to help them bond. Create events for all new hires to get to know each other, or form smaller teams if you’re a large subsidiary.

Benefits of Tajikistan Hiring Outsourcing

Tajikistan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is the perfect solution for companies that want to hire the right employees fast. We can use our established Tajikistan subsidiary to hire all your employees and assign them to work for you. We’ll make sure every new employee with your company has a positive hiring experience and is ready to work immediately.

Contact Globalization Partners to Learn More

Globalization Partners is the team you can rely on during any global expansion. Reach out to us today to learn more about Tajikistan hiring outsourcing with us.

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