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Tajikistan Payroll

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Tajikistan is a small Asian country with a population of over 8 million. Although Tajikistan is a smaller country, it’s surrounded by larger nations like Afghanistan, China, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. It’s known for the Fans Mountains as well as other rugged areas that are perfect for hiking and climbing.

Is your company planning an expansion to Tajikistan? If so, you could use help from a global PEO such as Globalization Partners. We work with companies from the start of their planned expansion to help them work faster and more productively. Through Tajikistan payroll outsourcing and our other services, you can have ultimate peace of mind and the time to run your company.

Tajikistan Payroll Taxation Rules

It’s important to learn the Tajikistan taxation rules applicable to your business. Individuals in the country have a progressive income tax rate that depends on their income. Non-resident employees are taxed at a flat rate of 25%. The country primarily uses a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, which requires you as the employer to deduct income taxes straight from an employee’s pay. You’re also responsible for corporate income taxes, which is a statutory rate of 23% or 13% for enterprises producing goods.

Tajikistan Payroll Options

Companies typically have four different Tajikistan payroll options:

  • Internal:┬áMost companies immediately think of running payroll through their subsidiary when they’re determining how to set up a Tajikistan payroll. Unfortunately, this option is time-consuming and requires a large budget and HR staff.
  • Remote: Another option is a remote payroll through your parent company. While you can add many employees from different countries to that payroll, keep in mind that you’ll need to follow the right laws, regulations, and taxation rules for each country.
  • Outsourcing with a local company: A Tajikistan payroll processing company will help you outsource your payroll, so you won’t have to worry about paying your own employees. That said, your company will still need to focus on meeting all compliance laws.
  • Outsourcing with a global PEO: Your final option is Tajikistan payroll outsourcing with Globalization Partners. We incorporate all the perks of working with a local company combined with compliance, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Requirements to Set up a Tajikistan Payroll

If you’re ready to set up your Tajikistan payroll, you need to ensure that you have a subsidiary first. Companies cannot legally work in the country without a registered entity unless they work with a global PEO. When you choose Globalization Partners, you can use our Tajikistan PEO to work quickly without your own subsidiary.

Entitlement and Termination Terms to Know

We recommend outlining entitlement and termination terms before you add employees to your payroll. This process can help you stay compliant and create a clear agreement with employees. A labor contract can be terminated any time due to an agreement of both sides, the initiative of the employee or employer, the contract expiring, or circumstances beyond the control of both sides. Employers are often obligated to provide severance payment under certain termination requirements.

Work With the Globalization Partners Team

Globalization Partners will help you expand quickly and successfully. Contact us today to learn more about Tajikistan payroll outsourcing.

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