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Uganda Hiring

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When you think back on all the work your company has done, it’s probably hard not to also think about your dedicated employees. The right team members will help advance your company, handle day-to-day tasks, and improve your bottom line. The same is true in Uganda, where you need to hire the right Uganda employees to help with your expansion.

Globalization Partners makes hiring easy and effective through Uganda hiring outsourcing. Our team members will hire your employees through our PEO, then assign them to work for your company. Since we act as the Employer of Record, we can ensure that you meet all of Uganda’s employment compliance laws.

How to Hire Uganda Employees

Uganda’s Labor Law requires that you hire all Uganda employees using a written employment contract. You must give employees this contract within 12 weeks of the start of their employment. We recommend putting the contract in both English and Swahili so that both you and the employee clearly understand all terms. Salary and compensation amounts should be in Uganda Shilling instead of another currency.

All Ugandan employment contracts must include:

  • Employee’s full name and address
  • Date of employment start
  • Job title
  • Workplace
  • Wages
  • Overtime pay
  • Normal working hours
  • Annual leave
  • Sickness or injury benefits
  • Length of notice

Uganda Employment Compliance

During and after the hiring process, you need to follow Uganda’s employment compliance laws. While recruiting, you cannot discriminate against an employee based on their gender, race, origin, or beliefs. Once the employee starts working for you, they cannot work more than 48 hours per week or six consecutive days without a day of rest. They should also not exceed 10 hours of overtime per week.

How Should You Onboard Employees?

Onboarding employees takes a significant amount of time if it’s done right. Although Uganda does not have any specific employment compliance laws about the onboarding process, you should take steps to make new employees feel comfortable with your company and their position. Start by reviewing the employment contract and any other important documents. Then, you should start training employees and introducing them to all team members.

Benefits of Uganda Hiring Outsourcing

Uganda hiring outsourcing through Globalization Partners will help you start working fast. Our team takes care of recruiting. Alternatively, we can onboard the employees you’ve already hand-selected. By hiring them through our Uganda PEO, we can automatically take on all compliance for your complete peace of mind. This process will give you the time to focus on running your company while we take on all the risk. We can also make sure every employee has a positive hiring experience and is ready to be productive from day one.

Work With Our Team

Globalization Partners will act as an extension of your team from the start of your relationship with us. Our goal is to ensure that you expand quickly, compliantly, and without any additional hassles. Reach out to us today to learn more about Uganda hiring outsourcing and take advantage of our help.

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