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Ukraine Hiring

When you decide to expand, you need to consider how you’ll hire talented employees in Ukraine. If you’re expanding without the help of a global PEO, you have to establish a subsidiary before you can hire employees. Globalization Partners can change this process through our Ukraine hiring outsourcing services. We’ll use our existing Ukraine subsidiary to hire employees who work on your behalf and help you get started in a few days instead of several weeks or months.

How to Hire Employees in Ukraine

The process of hiring employees for your Ukraine location depends on whether you choose local or foreign employees. Hiring foreign employees requires a work permit through the Employment Center, and you have to prove that you cannot find a Ukrainian citizen to fill your open job. A work permit usually applies for a one-year period, but it can get extended.

Ukraine residents do not need a work permit, but they must be at least 18-years-old when they start employment. It’s legally required to hire Ukraine employees under an employment contract. Indefinite duration contracts are common, while fixed-term contracts are allowed for certain projects and tasks.

Ukraine Employment Compliance Laws

Ukraine’s current labor code dates back to 1971, but employers are currently trying to pass a new one. When you hire Ukraine employees, you need to create an employment contract that details the position, date of hiring, salary, working conditions, and more. You and the employee need to sign this contract and notify the State Fiscal Services about the employment before an employee’s first day.

Ukraine employment compliance laws apply to employees as well. Once you hire a Ukrainian citizen, they need to give you an application for employment duty that’s signed, a labor book, and scanned copies of all their diplomas.

How Do You Onboard Employees in This Country?

Ukraine does not mandate any one particular way to onboard employees, but there are steps you can take to make someone more comfortable. When you hire employees in Ukraine, start their first day or week by going over the employment contract, company code of conduct, and other relevant information.

Try to travel to Ukraine for the employee’s first day to demonstrate the importance of their role with the company. If you can’t do that, send another company executive to make employees more comfortable. You can also onboard multiple employees at one time to promote employee bonding.

Benefits of Ukraine Hiring Outsourcing

When you choose Ukraine hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners, you’ll get all the benefits of establishing a subsidiary first without all the hassle. We can use our already established Ukraine subsidiary to help you start working quickly, and we’ll hire Ukraine employees to work for you and help build your company. Plus, you won’t have to worry about Ukraine employment compliance laws, as we’ll make sure you stay compliant.

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