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When you decide to expand, the first thing you’ll need to consider is how to recruit and hire talented employees in Ukraine. If you’re expanding without the help of a global Employer of Record (EOR), you’ll have to establish a subsidiary before you can hire employees. But by partnering with an EOR like G-P, we’ll use our existing Ukraine subsidiary to hire employees to work on your behalf and help you get started in a few days instead of several months.

Recruiting in Ukraine

While recruiting, you need to make your company stand out to attract the best talent. Consider writing personal emails, organizing meetups, and launching robust referral programs.

Most employers use Skype, email, or LinkedIn to communicate with potential candidates. It’s also common to use social networks to send follow-up messages.

Some other popular places to find employees include:

Overall, the best way to find talented candidates is to create business relationships and gain referrals from existing employees.

Background checks

Your ability to carry out a background check is limited because of the country’s restrictions on data protection and privacy laws. Generally, employers are prohibited from carrying out checks on the background of a candidate or employee, except as strictly provided in law. Companies must have express consent to process an employee or candidate’s personal data or information.

Laws against discrimination in Ukraine

Ukraine’s labor code prohibits discrimination based on origin, social status, race, skin color, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or financial status, language, political and religious beliefs, among others.

How to hire employees in Ukraine

The process of hiring employees for your Ukraine location depends on whether you recruit local or international workers. Keep in mind that international workers will need a work permit through the Employment Center, and companies have to prove that they could not find a Ukrainian citizen to fill the position. A work permit usually applies for a 1-year period, but it can be extended.

Ukraine residents do not need a work permit, but they must be at least 18 years old when they start employment. While it is not legally required to have a written employment contract in all cases, it is best practice to put one in place that details the terms and conditions of employment. Indefinite contracts are common, while fixed-term contracts are allowed for certain projects and tasks.

Ukraine employment laws

When hiring Ukraine employees, companies need to create an employment contract that details the position, date of hiring, salary, working conditions, and more. The employer and the employee need to sign this contract and notify the State Fiscal Services about the employment before an employee’s first day.

Ukraine employment compliance laws apply to employees as well. Once you hire a Ukrainian citizen, they need to provide a signed application for employment duty, a labor book, and scanned copies of all their diplomas.

The standard workweek in Ukraine is 40 hours for adults over the age of 18. Law also stipulates shorter working hours for minors, such as 36 hours per week for workers ages 16 to 18. Extra hours worked cannot exceed 120 hours a year.

Onboarding in Ukraine

Ukraine does not mandate any particular way to onboard employees, but there are steps you can take to make new hires more comfortable. When hiring employees in Ukraine, go over the employment contract, company code of conduct, and other relevant information during their first day or week. You can also onboard multiple employees at the same time to promote team bonding.

Grow globally with G-P.

G-P never forgets that behind every hire is a human being. That’s why we’ve backed our fully customizable suite of global employment products with our robust team of HR and legal experts, so we can remain at your side, ready to support you as you build your global teams. With the #1 Global Growth Platform, you have the recruitment tools and services you need to find your perfect full-time employee or contractor match.

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