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Uruguay Recruiting & Hiring

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Hiring in Uruguay is more difficult than hiring in your native country. You need to learn a whole new set of laws and onboard employees quickly so that they can start working for your company. However, many businesses struggle to focus on recruiting and hiring while also trying to handle payroll, manage the parent company’s operations, and source a new benefits plan. That’s where Globalization Partners comes in.

We’re global compliance experts with subsidiaries around the world, including in Uruguay. You can use our existing infrastructure to get to work in as little as a day. We’ll hire employees through our PEO and assign them to work for your company, then make sure you meet Uruguay’s employment compliance laws.

Recruiting in Uruguay

As you start the process of staffing and recruiting in Uruguay, it’s important to remember that your prospective employees will be coming from a cultural background that differs from your own. A minor misunderstanding could make or break a candidate’s first impression of you. For example, if you’re from North America, you might make the OK sign with your hand without knowing that this gesture has an offensive meaning in Uruguay. Broader misunderstandings, like differing ideas of time management, might also lead to problems when you’re recruiting overseas.

Navigating these cultural differences can be a challenge, but taking some time to learn about Uruguayan culture and business etiquette can go a long way. Keep the following considerations in mind as you set up meetings and interviews with candidates abroad.

1. Redefine Your Idea of Personal Space

In Uruguay, people tend to stand close to one another when they are speaking. Casual touching on the arm or shoulder is also common during conversations. If you’re used to working in a country where this level of closeness is not the norm, it might take a while for you to get used to it. Don’t be surprised if you need to adjust your expectations when it comes to personal space while you’re staffing and recruiting in Uruguay.

2. Learn to Speak the Local Language

If you don’t speak Spanish, you might have a hard time staffing in Uruguay. An understanding of the language will help you build strong connections with potential hires and avoid legal issues and misunderstandings throughout the recruitment process. It’s a good idea to hire a translator for meetings and interviews if you’re not fluent in Spanish. Even so, consider learning a few words and phrases so you can communicate with candidates directly. You’ll probably want to print your business cards in Spanish as well.

3. Establish Personal Relationships With Candidates

People in Uruguay tend to value trust and personal connections in business relationships. Your experience and expertise won’t get you very far with candidates if they don’t genuinely like working with you. Take time to get to know potential hires by making casual conversation, especially during initial meetings and interviews. 

What Is the Recruitment Process in Uruguay Like?

Understanding Uruguayan culture is just one aspect of the recruitment process. Your team will also need to consider the logistics of staffing and recruiting in Uruguay. How familiar are you with the country’s recruitment channels? Do you know what laws you’ll need to follow to stay compliant throughout the process? You’ll want to answer these questions before you travel overseas to start sourcing talent. 

If you want to handle the recruitment process in-house, you’ll probably want to start by posting your company’s available positions on job boards. Buscojobs and Gallito are two of the most popular options in Uruguay. You might also consider advertising jobs in local newspapers.

Word of mouth and personal recommendations are also common recruitment strategies in Uruguay, but you may find these methods challenging if your company doesn’t have much of a presence there yet. For this reason, some international companies partner with a global PEO that already has an established business entity in Uruguay.

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Uruguay

Uruguay’s constitution states that all inhabitants of the country have certain protections, including the right to labor. All persons are equal before the law. When you’re staffing in Uruguay, it’s important to make sure every candidate has an equal opportunity to work for your company. The constitution specifically mentions the right to join trade unions, so it’s best to avoid asking candidates about union membership.

How to Hire Uruguay Employees

A standard agreement must preclude all hiring processes. You can use an indefinite- or fixed-term contract depending on what type of employment you need. Despite the type of contract, you should draft a strong, written contract that includes all important terms of employment, such as salary, working hours, benefits, and termination terms. Make sure all monetary amounts are listed in Uruguayan pesos.

Uruguay Employment Compliance Laws

Uruguay’s main employment compliance laws are housed in the constitution, regulations from the Ministry of Labor, and the International Labour Organization (ILO). The ILO, in particular, sets nationwide requirements that make it easy for employers to follow the right laws.

After you hire employees, you must register them with the BPS and keep all records of employment, compensation, and taxes where both parties can access them for five years. Always make sure your employees sign the employment contract before their first day of work. Keep in mind that Uruguay’s culture emphasizes trade unions and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), which could outline separate laws that you must follow.

Best Ways to Onboard Your Uruguay Employees

After you learn how to hire Uruguay employees, you need to learn how to onboard them. You can choose how you want the onboarding process to go, but we recommend taking steps to make employees comfortable with their position and your company. Start with a robust training program that will help employees learn their role. Then, you can create events for all new hires to meet each other and even host a welcoming meeting or lunch to show their value to your company.

Benefits of Uruguay Hiring Outsourcing

Uruguay hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is the best way to work fast without keeping yourself up at night worrying about compliance. We’ll give all your employees a positive hiring experience, and they can be productive from the start. Since our team acts as the Employer of Record, we’ll be responsible for Uruguay employment compliance laws instead of you, which will give you the time to focus on building your subsidiary and parent company.

Work With Our Team Today

You don’t have to figure out the entire expansion process on your own. Trust our team to make opening a location in Uruguay easy and fast. Contact us today to learn more about Uruguay hiring outsourcing.

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