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Zimbabwe Compensation & Benefits

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Two factors you shouldn’t overlook during your expansion are compensation and benefits. You must meet Zimbabwe’s compensation laws, and you also need to provide the statutory level of benefits. However, going above these minimums can attract more employees to your position, ensure top talent, and encourage greater retention rates.

Globalization Partners will help you go above and beyond through Zimbabwe compensation and benefits outsourcing. We’ll use our Zimbabwe PEO to hire your employees, then add them to our payroll and benefits plan to ensure that you stay compliant and your employees get exactly what they deserve.

Zimbabwe Compensation Laws

Zimbabwe’s minimum wages vary by sector. For example, domestic workers make between $85 and $100 a month, while yard workers and gardeners should receive $85 a month. The country also allows for trade unions and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), which could result in a different minimum wage for your employees.

Guaranteed Benefits to Include in Your Zimbabwe Benefits Management Plan

The country celebrates 11 public holidays, and you should give employees those days off as a part of your Zimbabwe benefits management plan. Employees are also entitled to 30 days or one month of paid annual leave after working continuously for a year. Weekends and public holidays are counted as part of those vacation days.

You must also provide 90 days of sick leave with full pay upon request by an employee. They¬†should show you a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner to gain full pay. If they’ve worked for your company for one year, employees can request another 90 days of sick leave at half pay. Female employees should also receive 98 working days of paid leave at full pay.

Dispersing Benefits to Employees

Zimbabwe’s employment laws do not stipulate any supplemental or market norm benefits besides statutory requirements. However, providing these benefits will attract a greater level of talent to your positions, showing your employees that you want them to succeed with your company and continue to work for you for years to come. While you can give out any benefits you want, we recommend giving out performance-based bonuses, paid paternity leave, and private health insurance.

Restrictions for Compensation and Benefits

Companies wanting to expand to Zimbabwe cannot do so without a subsidiary. You need the subsidiary infrastructure to run your payroll and set up your benefits plan. However, it usually takes weeks or months to establish a subsidiary, and then you could spend a few more months learning Zimbabwe’s compensation laws and benefits requirements.

Globalization Partners will make it easier to expand by allowing you to use our global PEO for your expansion. Instead of establishing your own entity, you can use our infrastructure to work in just a day or two. When you choose Zimbabwe benefits and compensation outsourcing, you can feel confident we will pay your employees and give out the right benefits.

Choose the Globalization Partners Team

Count on our team for help with your expansion so that you can focus exclusively on growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about Zimbabwe compensation and benefits outsourcing.

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