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Changing the Game: How the New England Patriots are Going Global

Global Expansion

In recent years, the NFL has made a concerted effort to broaden its appeal globally, with teams like the New England Patriots playing to sold-out crowds in cities like London, Mexico City and Frankfurt.

But it’s not just about playing games abroad. The NFL is now allowing teams to market their brands outside the US, and to begin building their operations in international markets. This year, the New England Patriots will be both playing a game in Frankfurt, Germany, and starting to build out their business team through G-P there, as well.

On this episode, host Thomas Merchant is joined by Jen Ferron, CMO of Kraft Sports and Entertainment (KSE), owner of the New England Patriots, and G-P’s very own CMO, Heidi Arkinstall. Together, they’ll explore what this historic global expansion means to the team as both a business and a brand.

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