The technology sector has benefited tremendously from the developments and adoption of remote-friendly environments. Dispersed teams and asynchronous work settings are changing how tech companies hire and find talent.

According to a 2022 ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, 40 percent of employers in the IT and technology sector are currently looking to hire new talent. This sector, while flourishing, is in the midst of an apparent talent shortage for two main reasons, companies are increasingly adding more tech-oriented roles to their teams like programmers, product leads, digital marketing specialists, among others. And second, tech talent now has access to an overabundance of job offers, allowing them to choose the workplace that best aligns with their personal and professional goals. Competition for tech talent has become so fierce that managers are currently seeking innovative ways to revamp their IT departments to stand out from competitors.

What do tech workers expect from their employers?

One of the first steps to becoming an attractive employer is understanding current workforce needs and expectations:

What can companies do to attract tech talent?

Although the competition for top talent is steep, there is still a lot companies can do to attract highly skilled tech professionals.

Match the expectations of your future employees. Embracing remote-first environments — or hybrid environments that use the office purposefully — is crucial to attracting top talent. Likewise, ensuring your teams’ emotional well-being, providing fair pay, giving your employees access to the training they need to succeed, and granting benefits that resonate with them is vital to compete and attract talent on a global scale. Organizations can start doing this by:

  • Going beyond the basic perks: Apart from the ordinary perks — swag, tech stack, home office stipend — companies that offer non-traditional benefits such as access to mental health apps, gym memberships, eBook vouchers, unlimited time off etc., will likely turn job seekers’ heads.
  • Fostering purpose-driven office spaces: Office spaces are helpful for hybrid jobs. However, it is crucial to highlight that beyond being a physical space, it is a place where communication and innovation happen. Pushing employees to go to an office 24/7 to “do their work” might scare off talent.
  • Leveraging the expertise of recruiting and hiring specialists: Some companies think they must do everything in-house. But the reality is that in a hyper-competitive and globalized niche such as tech, having the right ally by your side can make a huge difference. We recommend partnering with a company that can help you recruit, hire, and retain global talent.

Why choose Globalization Partners?

Our Global Growth Platform™ is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to recruit, hire, and manage team members anywhere. We help companies with:

  • Recruiting: Our recruiting offering, G-P Recruit, enables companies to quickly identify and hire talent in key locations globally through our market-leading global employment platform. Companies can access an unrivaled selection of recruiting specialists to find the perfect candidate based on their unique requirements, including industry, location, and prior roles.
  • Hiring: With our proprietary, AI-enabled, automated, and compliant platform, companies can grow revenue faster, improve their access to global talent, and minimize risk. Customers receive around-the-clock access to the industry’s largest and most experienced team of global HR experts who can assist with questions about hiring talent in 187 countries.
  • Compliance: In addition to our extensive in-house team on the ground in over 100 countries, we have built a network of over 300 partners to provide additional expertise in recruiting, payroll and benefits, legal and compliance, and technology integration.

The war for tech talent is underway, and employers are scrambling to find specialized professionals. However, the solution is at their fingertips – looking beyond borders and tapping into emerging international talent pools gives companies direct access to top-tier candidates. Reach out to start your global growth journey today!

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