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Give your clients the world.

By partnering with G-P, your clients gain access to the industry-leading technology and expertise they need to recruit, hire, and manage a global workforce — all with complete compliance and unbeatable speed to market.

Build value. Be invaluable.

Just like you, G-P is invested in the success of your clients. Working in tandem with your teams, we solve immediate problems, accelerate progress towards goals, and build value for their business and yours.

Help your clients with their expansion needs.

Leverage our global expertise and infrastructure. We’ll help your clients manage risk, create new revenue opportunities, and establish a foothold anywhere in the world. In a matter of days.

Who we partner with and how we help.

Accounting Firms
Accounting Firms

Provide a full-service global expansion solution.

Empower your clients to achieve global growth, faster than ever before. Our all-in-one platform covers payroll, benefits, taxes, and HR infrastructure, allowing them to dedicate their energy to growing beyond borders and boundaries.

Domestic PEOs
Domestic PEOs

Make international hiring easy for your clients.

No entity? No problem. Offer clients and prospects added value as they grow into new markets. With G-P, your clients can hire anyone, anywhere in the world — we’ll complement your services to provide a comprehensive global solution.

Human Capital Management
Human Capital Management

Offer a complete solution for onboarding global talent.

Your clients seek the best global talent across the globe. When they turn to you for guidance, offer a holistic solution that enables swift (and compliant) growth in 180+ countries, without the headaches of entity setup.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Accelerate value creation for your portfolio.

Empower your portfolio companies to boldly venture into new markets, execute international mergers or acquisitions, and seamlessly tap into a world of top-tier talent. We shoulder the risk, freeing them to channel their energy towards unbounded growth.

Legal Firms
Legal Firms

Ensure global compliance for your clients.

Unlock your clients’ potential to recruit from every corner of the globe — within days — minus the hassle of establishing a legal entity. Assume the risks while propelling your clients toward accelerated success on the global stage.

Transaction Advisory Services

Unlock simple and fast employee transfers.

Onboard new team members swiftly with a solution that helps companies meet transaction timelines. Hand over the HR, legal and administrative burden and overcome the employee transfer hurdles that can hold up deals.

Recruiting Firms
Recruiting Firms

Offer a complete global hiring solution.

You’ve located the perfect candidate for your clients, but the journey doesn’t end there. Give your clients power to hire anyone, anywhere in the world — we’ll lay the foundation with our compliant employment contracts and HR, legal, tax, and payroll infrastructure.

Payroll Providers
Payroll Providers

Put a global team on payroll.

Picture your clients spotting their next international recruits or contractors. Transform their vision into reality by granting them access to an all-encompassing global payroll solution — we’ll shoulder the HR, finance, tax, and legal headaches.

Unlock global growth opportunities for your clients — today.