The popularity of AI-based applications is rapidly growing in various sectors and Human Resources is no exception to this trend, as implementing automated technology into the HR workflow frees up staff from a tremendous amount of routine and mundane work.

Moreover, numerous HR responsibilities are ideal for automation, with software to digitize and streamline recurring, time-consuming, and document-heavy tasks. These include payroll, timekeeping, and the onboarding of new employees.

Automation significantly reduces the time required to complete these processes without sacrificing quality. This gives HR employees’ time to focus instead on more strategic and valuable tasks, raising efficiency, and reducing the possibilities of human error.

Let’s take a closer look at three ways in which automated technology can boost a company’s hiring processes.

1. Bypass biases and build a diverse team.

Technology can help remove biases from recruitment. In doing so, this can create fairer opportunities and improve diversity within a company.

Natural human bias often affects recruitment, unintentionally and sometimes even unknowingly. This can result in great candidates being brushed aside early on without getting a chance to interview. This can be for several reasons like gender, location, or age. Algorithms in automated technology sidestep this obstacle as they don’t analyze this type of information. This leads to more focused decisions on a candidate’s suitability, as biased filtering is avoided.

This matters because building a diverse workforce has many benefits. Naturally, companies built upon various backgrounds can benefit from a more varied set of skills and experiences. This amalgamated knowledge can help solve problems faster and bring fresh ideas to the table. In fact, according to research done by Boston Consulting Group, companies with diverse leadership teams produce 19 percent higher revenues than those that don’t.

Additionally, a significant advantage is employee retention. According to research by Deloitte, companies with a diverse workforce have 22 percent less staff turnover than those without.

2. Compile a talent pool database for quick future hiring.

As referenced by the Harvard Business Review, 40 percent of executives struggle to find a skilled workforce for strategic management roles.

By using automated technology to build a talent pool based on candidates with various skillsets that a company has already sourced through its recruitment processes, companies can access hundreds of applications before posting a job listing. This has several advantages. Namely, HR can avoid re-opening recruitment processes, saving time, money, and unnecessary workloads.

As most job positions are for one candidate only, companies discover a lot of great talent that just misses out on the job offer. By utilizing automated technology to store these applicants in a database, specific candidates can quickly be recalled in the future whenever a suitable new position appears.

Crucially, candidates that fail to land the job that they applied for are highly unlikely to reapply for another position at that company unprompted. For example, 80 percent of job applicants state that they would be discouraged from considering other relevant job openings at a company that failed to notify them of their application status. But by building a talent pool database, you can keep in touch with and reach out first to excellent candidates you would likely not hear from again without storing their CVs.

Automated technology can ensure that only the most-suited candidates are stored and quickly select the best candidates to recall for a new position based on specific filtering options. Automated technology can help to accurately put the best talent in the most suitable jobs. This will enhance the overall work output for the role, benefitting a company’s bottom line and saving on other areas like training.

3. Ease anxiety with a streamlined onboarding plan.

When onboarding new employees, one of the most significant constraints for companies is time. Several documents must be processed, including tax certificates, IDs, and contracts. This is a prime area where automated technology can be utilized. This technology can quickly detect which employee forms are required for which location and scan each signed document to ensure that it has been filled out correctly.

A vital benefit of this use of technology is that it reduces the number of mundane HR tasks, freeing up time to focus on more pressing issues. A more streamlined and efficient onboarding process frees up incoming employees’ time. It can result in better feedback and a more significant first impression of life at the company.

Besides aiding in processing paperwork, automated technology can be a great way to introduce the employee to the company, such as getting them set up on the relevant systems and detailing them with their initial training modules.

Site-map simulation is an excellent example of this. Here, the employee can be walked through the building remotely, enabling them to identify where they need to report on day one and where toilets, cafeteria, and break rooms are located. This can ease nerves and boost confidence.

For remote employees, automated technology can aid in accumulating the necessary equipment and materials that can then be shipped to their home addresses in an orderly and timely manner before their first day of work.

How G-P can help

Automation technology can support companies in their global expansion plans. Automation tools allow companies to quickly map and develop their teams worldwide, accelerating and simplifying the cross-border recruitment process. As the future of HR continues to incorporate automated technology, companies can clearly reap the many benefits on offer. The correct automated technology can help companies hire and onboard diverse talent, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Companies can improve their revenue and global talent using G-P’s #1 ranked SaaS-based Global Growth Platform™. For instance, G-P Recruit automates the recruitment process, helping companies build new teams, nearly anywhere they want in the world — in days instead of months. As well as locating the best talent in the best locations and at the best cost, G-P Recruit automates HR processes for every step in the employee lifecycle.

Our market-leading platform and team of in-country experts bring boundless talent right to your fingertips, unlocking the power of global teams. It’s all just a few clicks away. Learn more about G-P Recruit and our Global Growth Platform™ today.

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