5 Things to Know Before Hiring International Contractors

Nicole Forbes
Nicole Forbes, Deputy General Counsel, Globalization Partners

For HR leaders, hiring international candidates opens up talent acquisition opportunities that can address skill gaps, improve culture, enhance the company’s ability to develop new resources and connect with new markets in ways they couldn’t before. But it can also present multiple legal and financial challenges. If your company doesn’t have an entity setup in the country where the top candidate lives, how will you issue a legal, compliant employment contract and run payroll? What about taxes? How will you offer a complete benefits package?

Some companies consider simply hiring their top candidate as a contractor – it’s faster and easier, and seemingly erases many of the problems of international hiring.

Not so fast. Bringing on a candidate as an international contractor can present unforeseen risks. What happens if they are misclassified? How will you protect your company’s intellectual property? Companies should be fully aware of all the risks before embarking on this path. In this session, international hiring experts will share the top things you must know before you hire an international contractor.

Takeaways include: 

  • The hidden risks of contractor misclassification
  • How changing laws and regulations will affect how companies choose to hire
  • Why the best international talent may want more than contractor status
  • Practical ways to manage risk and compliantly and legally hire full-time international candidates.
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