Curating a Desirable Workplace with a Productive and Happy Workforce


Connie Diaz
Connie DiazSr. Director of Employee Experience at G-P
Ariel Camus
Ariel CamusFounder and CEO at Microverse
Geoff Ainsworth
Geoff AinsworthVP of Engineering at Time Doctor
Dethra GilesCEO at ExecuPrep

About this video

Today, the concept of a desirable workplace has evolved beyond basic amenities and financial rewards. Organizations across the globe recognize the pivotal impact a productive and happy workforce has on achieving success and sustainability. This realization has prompted a shift towards curating workplaces that prioritize employee wellbeing and a positive company culture.

In this panel session from Running Remote 2023, Connie Diaz, Sr. Director of Employee Experience at G-P, joined Ariel Camus, Founder and CEO at Microverse, Geoff Ainsworth, VP of Engineering at Time Doctor, and Dethra Giles, CEO at ExecuPrep, to discuss:

  • How positivity impacts productivity
  • How to measure positivity at work
  • Why remote work is here to stay

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