Evolve Your HR Team as Your Company Scales: Steps to Success ​


Debbie MillinChief Operating Officer, Globalization Partners

About this webinar

Human resources teams are at the forefront of growth. You’re working with leadership on identifying headcount needs. You’re researching talent markets. You’re screening candidates. But often, your team is the last to grow, even while your company doubles and even triples in size.

How do you accomplish this massive feat? How do you support every new team member, provide actionable guidance to leadership and build the infrastructure needed to keep moving the organization to the next level?

Hear from someone who’s done it: Debbie Millin, the Chief Operating Officer at Globalization Partners, specializes in supporting companies experiencing rapid growth scale their systems and processes.

In this program, Millin will share:

  • The critical roles on every high-growth company’s HR team and why a close-knit HR team is a backbone for rapid growth
  • How HR team members must identify operational strengths to identify gaps
  • Why technology alone doesn’t solve efficiency problems and how to effectively roll out changes to systems and processes

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