Strengthen Client Relationships - Enable Their International Expansion

About this quick guide

Support your clients in their international expansion aspirations.

Be it through M&As or the setup of international teams, your clients will look to you for legal guidance as they draft their roadmap toward global growth. Don’t miss a beat — grow in tandem with your clients by teaming up with an Employer of Record (EOR) to unlock a fast-paced and smooth expansion experience for their business.

With an EOR partnership, your firm can provide clients with a faster strategy than entity setup that mitigates the risk inherent to market testing. Through complaint and streamlined onboarding of local talent, time- and resource-consuming team building are a thing of the past.

Download this quick guide to learn:

  • How to grow in tandem with your clients’ global expansion ambitions.
  • How to unlock an end-to-end extension of your services.
  • How to position your firm as a longstanding partner.

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Globalization Partners provides legal firms with HR, administrative, and operational support so that their client companies can test and enter new markets. We partner with industry leaders to help their firm’s clients drive value and growth through international expansion.

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