The CFO’s Secret to Global Business Expansion: Keep Costs Low and Grow Fast

At Globalization Partners we help companies expand internationally without establishing subsidiaries. So, we surveyed C-level executives at U.S. companies to learn first-hand their challenges when it comes to global expansion – and their best practices to work through those challenges. Here’s a sample of what we found:

  • 94% of those surveyed believe a global employer of record (EOR) can do a much better job of overcoming potential barriers to operating in a new country than a company can do in-house
  • 51% say legal and HR compliance is the top benefit of working with a global EOR
  • 58% said they already use a global EOR, or plan to do so within the next three years

Understand the challenges—and the solutions. Download our report, published in conjunction with CFO Research, and be the hero of the boardroom.

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