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The Top 4 Challenges to Building an Effective Global Team: How HR Professionals Can Make an Impact

Debbie Millin
Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer
Christen Vanyur, Senior Human Resources Manager
Blanca Aguilar, Human Resources Generalist

HR professionals, your job isn’t simple. You pivot between getting technical, implementing systems and processes and protecting your employer, to balancing the emotional side – the people. You not only have to evaluate individual needs; you must think about the group.

Coordinating with operations, communicating with leadership, and collaborating with managers is what you do best, but what happens when your organization decides to take it up a level? What happens when it’s time to go global?

Suddenly, you’re facing a whole new set of challenges. Our 2020 Global Employee Survey revealed four key findings that illustrate both the challenges and opportunities facing HR teams at companies that are considering or have already begun expanding globally.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How to deliver a cohesive employee experience, regardless of location
  • Why 33% of employees don’t feel listened to, and what companies can do to solve this
  • How organizations can establish better communication methods and align with local culture
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