Adapt and Grow Your Business in an Age of Uncertainty


Michael G. JacobidesProfessor of Strategy
Martin ReevesChairman

About this webinar

In times of crisis, it is easy for organizations to default to old habits. But these are often the times when new approaches are most valuable. In the past four downturns, while many companies struggled, some companies gained advantage, increasing their sales and margins.

So amid this period of uncertainty, how do companies adapt and grow?

In this HBR webinar, Michael Jacobides, professor of strategy, and Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Bruce Henderson Institute, share insights from their recent HBR article on seizing opportunities in the new normal.

In this webinar Jacobides and Reeves discuss how to:

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Develop a systematic understanding of changing customer habits
  • Reconfigure your business model
  • Engage in more aggressive capital spending

Jacobides and Reeves provide practical frameworks that leaders can use to understand which demand shifts are merely short term and which are likely to be longer term. They provide advice on diving deep into data, taking multiple perspectives, expanding your customer base, and more.

For those companies that thrive during a crisis, it’s not an accident. These companies understand lasting changes in customer habits, seize opportunities, and make aggressive investments to drive growth. Watch the webinar to understand the keys to adapting and growing in this time of uncertainty.

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