Going global

Give Your Company the Edge: Hire Talent in the World's Emerging Innovation Hubs


Pooja ChughTalent Acquisition Manager,
Denis ShershnevFounder & CEO,
Paul FrenchDirector,

About this webinar

Covid-19 triggered the world’s most massive remote work experiment, and the impact is here to stay.

Pre-pandemic, companies blindly accepted the notion that location incubates talent, and that you could only perform at the highest level if you showed up at the office every day. But today, anyone can work anywhere. The era of global remote teams is here.

Now that anyone can work anywhere, Silicon Valley isn’t the only place to take advantage of innovation and growth happening at lightning speed. Building your team in innovation hubs like Medellín, Monterrey, Krakow, or Taipei gives your company the edge. It’s time — hire the best developers, data scientists, marketers, or sales representatives, anywhere in the world.

Where exactly can you find the best candidate in the world for your open role, at the most reasonable cost?

Open the map and join us in a live session where you will learn where you can find the most talented professionals on the planet — and how to hire them before your competitors do.

This session will cover:

  • Emerging cities with highly specialized, English-speaking tech talent
  • How and why to maximize value in your talent acquisition strategy
  • How can you hire anyone anywhere in the world in record time while staying fully compliant with local laws

Global thinking. Global growth.
Let’s go.