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Engaging Talent, Embracing Change: Uncover the Value of an Employer of Record


Dev Das (1)
Dev DasVP, Customer Experience, Operations, and Technology

About this webinar

Top global talent values work-life balance now more than ever. This means that companies must adopt a new way of recruiting, hiring, and connecting with competitive candidates to build the global, hybrid workforce of the future. This webinar will teach you how to successfully acquire talent from anywhere around the world—and reap the benefits of a truly hybrid workplace and is broken out into four short 5 – 7 minute chapters.

  • Key Benefits and Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace (2:30)
  • Hiring Strategies for the Hybrid vs. Traditional Settings (6:50)
  • Onboarding Global Hybrid Employees (16:02)
  • Ensuring Employee Engagement (23:58)

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