How to Avoid Proximity Bias in Global Remote Teams


Allie KovalikSr. Community & Culture Manager, Globalization Partners

About this webinar

The world has transformed.

Millions of employees have changed their relationship with their workplace and transitioned to remote work environments. One challenge companies must navigate throughout this transition is avoiding proximity bias.

The distribution of workforces across several cities or even countries has made asynchronous communication companies’ preferred method of communication. However, as managers adapt to this new way of conducting operations, many find themselves unintentionally prioritizing employees they share a physical space or a time zone with over those who cannot meet in person or are in different parts of the world. Companies need to mitigate the risk of proximity bias and offer equal opportunities for both on-site and remote teams.

In this session, we share insights about:

  • How proximity bias affects remote-friendly and remote-first companies.
  • What actions companies can take to avoid proximity bias.
  • The importance of creating an equal and inclusive remote workplace.

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