Preparing for the Next Glocalization


Charles FergusonGeneral manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners
Jonathan TrevorAssociate professor of management practice, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Khor Chern ChuenChief operating officer, South-East Asia, SAP
Rohit JawaChairman, China; Executive vice president, North Asia, Unilever
Jason WincuinasSenior editor, The Economist Intelligence Unit

About this webinar

Preparing for the next glocalization: International business after Covid-19

Join this panel of business experts as they discuss topics related to navigating the post-pandemic business world, including:

  • “Glocalization”: what it means and its impact
  • The world’s shifting economic center
  • Responding to fast-changing regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Seeking investment opportunities and access to talent

As countries resume economic activity following lockdown, will multinational companies shift their focus to domestic growth as they deploy global strategies — a process known as “glocalization”?

Find out in this webinar on the risks and opportunities involved in glocalization and adapting to the international business world in the wake of Covid-19

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