Top Strategies to Boost Your Growth in a Fully Remote Working Environment


Debbie MillinChief Operating Officer

About this webinar

Is your company in the 80 percent that wants to keep their organization working fully remote after the pandemic is over? In early 2020, most companies out there had to adapt quickly — there was little time to create thoughtful strategies to ensure a shift to a remote work environment is sustainable for the business for the long-term.

But now, as employees prefer remote work and there are signs of cultural shifts towards remote work, even a hybrid approach as the norm, companies that wish to support this permanently may need to make changes. It’s time to figure out what adjustments must be made in operations and culture to make it work.

In this webinar, Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer at Globalization Partners, shares insights on how to assess, plan, and execute changes to help your workforce be more efficient, but also more connected, especially if a remote environment will be your new normal.

Join to learn:

  • How to clearly communicate your remote work policies and keep your employees happy and informed
  • Which required infrastructure changes you need to make to support daily operations and keep employees involved
  • How to build a unique and cohesive company culture while managing remote international teams
  • How to overcome compliance challenges concerning international employees or employees who are relocating
  • Real examples of how Globalization Partners and other companies manage with remote international teams

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