Talent Hubs Around the World. Next Stop: Europe


Mark HedleyVice President of Talent Recruiting
Tiffany ParradineDirector and Chief Talent Alchemist
Kyril DavidoffPartner
Tsvetelin AnastasovCo-founder and VP

About this webinar

Due to its diverse and seasoned market, Europe has become an attractive region for Asia-based companies with global ambitions — among the most sought-after countries for expansion are the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.  

The region is also brimming with highly educated and skilled professionals; Eastern Europe, in particular, has become a burgeoning talent hub, making it fertile ground for companies looking to scale and build international teams. 

But how can Asia-based companies unlock the region’s potential to successfully expand their footprint and build a competitive workforce?  

In this session, industry experts will provide insights on:

  • How to take advantage of new market opportunities and tap into Europe’s remote talent pool.
  • How to overcome common global growth challenges.
  • How to leverage technology to make the most of your global recruitment efforts.

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