Work-Life Balance: How to Disconnect from Work When the Office Is Only a Few Steps Away


Margaret DonderoSr. Manager, Global Benefits

About this webinar

The rapid growth of remote work has led to many benefits, such as the flexibility to decide when and where to work. However, this working model has also come with its own unique trials and tribulations.

One of the main challenges is that many remote employees are working longer than ever and feeling more disconnected from co-workers. According to a recent SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) report, 70 percent of professionals who transitioned to remote work during the pandemic say they now work on the weekends.

So how can companies foster collaboration and prevent burnout in the remote work era?

In this 45-minute webinar, Globalization Partners’ Margaret Dondero, Sr. Manager Global Benefits, will highlight some key practices to combat remote worker fatigue.

Margaret will also discuss:

  • How to design a holistic benefits program.
  • How to prioritize work-life balance in a remote setting.
  • Why consistent communication is key for dispersed teams.

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