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Globalization Partners has trailblazed the Global PEO and Employer of Record industry by combining unmatched international legal and HR expertise, its own in-house infrastructure covering 90 percent of new hires around the globe, and a proprietary, privacy-by-design software technology. Through our model, we enable companies to hire teams in 150+ countries without having to set up branch offices or subsidiaries.

Whether you’re a long-standing international corporation that wants to expand farther, or a company spinning off a division of a business that already has team members in foreign markets, we can engage your global workforce quickly, easily, and right from the start. We ensure that your most important asset—your global team—continues to be happy and paid in accordance with local norms.

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How It Works

Your company wants to quickly expand operations in a new country, but you don’t have time to decipher local labor laws, learn the tax issues, or set up your own subsidiaries in other countries. You’ve got the candidates lined up, but without adhering to the necessary local compliance laws—and without recognized entities already set up in each country—you’re nowhere near ready for your employees to begin work. You want the benefit of being able to manage your global team without all of the administrative burden of global operations.

With Globalization Partners:
  • You sign an agreement for global PEO services in any of over 150 countries.
  • We provide a locally compliant employment contract in the country you’re hiring in, customized with your offer, and we explain the local benefits and labor laws.
  • We add the employee to our already-registered local payroll and set up locally required benefits.
  • The employee is assigned to work full-time for you, while remaining legally an employee of our company.
  • You run payroll and have easy access to all employee information via GoGlobal, our patent-pending software.
  • We invoice you once per month in USD for our services, including the employee’s salary, benefits, and expense reimbursements.
  • Start to finish: A matter of days Client commitment: About 3 hours That’s it!
Without Us:
  • You find a local attorney and accountant in each country, take between 3 and 12 months to set up a subsidiary, open a bank account, fund capitalization, and register with tax authorities.
  • You work with a local attorney to draft a local employment contract, often without fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into.
  • You hire a local payroll company, although they still can’t start until your entity has a tax ID and bank account.
  • You lose your candidate because he is concerned you won’t be able to set up a proper payroll and benefits system before his start date. You start over.
  • You continue recruiting; you end up spending a disproportionate amount of your time managing the accountant, payroll company, and attorney, as well as trying to contain the risk of unforeseen labor law issues.
  • When you finally get your candidates on board, you make many out-of-hours calls to understand unfamiliar payroll deductions, answer employee questions about benefits, and chase missing bonus payments…
  • All of this for a handful of employees who are testing a new market, while you’re also managing the complex challenges of running a business without all the global administration issues.
  • Start to finish: Several months, possibly years, maybe never. Client commitment: Up to $100K, 10,000 emails, countless hours, a lot of mistakes that you have to take to your CFO, and total regret. And it all could have been avoided.
Are You Asking Your Global Employer of Record the Right Questions?

A Global PEO can act as a critical part of your HR administration, but partner with the wrong one and you’ll wish you’d asked them a few of these questions up front.


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