HR departments spend close to 60% of their time and resources on transactional and operational tasks and activities. Even with tools and software designed to save time and improve productivity, juggling multiple dispersed platforms is time consuming without the right infrastructure to unify them.

G-P API enables customers and partners to automate HCM and payroll tools simplifying processes and consolidating data into a single source of truth while removing errors and reducing costs.

Decision making can be a high-stakes task for HR departments

Apart from managing onboarding and offboarding, HR optimizes each stage of the employee life cycle and all the processes related to it. With so much on their plate, it is only natural for experts to rely on the help of precise data to determine the best course of action. In small companies, information can be easily tracked and organized; however, as companies grow and their headcount increases, the challenges of managing a larger workforce start to appear.

Now with G-P API, customers can view professionals’ data on our Global Growth Platform™ empowering them to make data-driven decisions. Customers can view, filter, and analyze employee data within one system of record. Benefits include:

  • Onboarding professionals more quickly by automating the process of transferring candidate information between HR tools
  • Reducing the risk of manual errors by keeping systems in sync and supports data governance processes
  • Accessible by third-party developers, business partners, customers allowing integration and data sharing
  • Providing a level of security and efficiency that can result in a competitive advantage for a talent strategy


How Globalization Partners can help

With G-P API customers can grow their teams anywhere in the world and achieve a very important goal – synchronized global team member data. With just a few clicks your team can begin onboarding new hires, activating workflows, and approving actions – without leaving your platform of choice.

Information is a critical step toward successful global growth; companies that base their global strategy on trusted data will be better equipped to overcome all the challenges that arise on the road to success. If you would like to get started with G-P API contact us for more information here.


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