Global hiring can be complex, especially if companies are unprepared. Organizations need to comply with detailed legislation and learn the inner workings of international job markets. However, companies don’t need to do all this work on their own. By using a global employment platform, they can easily access all the resources and expertise required to support their global growth.

The Employer of Record (EOR) industry has been expanding at an incredible rate. Competition makes the market grow and improve, creating a space where consumers can choose among several providers. But it also allows subpar companies to acquire clients with misleading information such as “free” trials and cheaper prices that come with the non-benefit of fewer services.

Among the multiple providers in the market, Globalization Partners’ premium service is the best option for companies that want an efficient, compliant, and end-to-end solution to all their international hiring needs. Some services might be cheaper, but a sub-par service during global expansion will be more expensive in the long run. Don’t settle for second best when you can work with the pioneering brand in the industry.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose the World’s #1 Global Growth Platform™:

1. Clear pricing structures

A clear understanding of the pricing structure of a service is the first step toward a successful business relationship. When looking for a global employment platform some providers can seem straightforward at the beginning, or even offer free trials and a free first onboarding. But after the free trials, companies are landed with a complex pricing structure that becomes more expensive as they continue to scale.

G-P has a clear pricing structure that allows companies to plan their expansion and understand in detail the costs involved. If required, there is additional support to make sure that companies know exactly how much they will have to pay.

2. Support for contractors

Every country has different needs. A platform that offers tools for every need as they start their global growth. G-P Contractor allows companies to quickly hire and pay contractors through Globalization Partners’ market-leading platform. Streamline international hiring, onboarding, and the HR administrative process in a single platform.

3. Clarity about additional fees

As companies expand and face the challenges of global growth it is only natural that they will require additional support. Many service providers in the EOR industry say that they don’t charge additional fees, but then do so without warning when clients seek to use different parts of their services.

G-P is always clear about our fees. From the beginning, companies will know what services incur an additional cost, allowing them to decide which strategy is best. Moreover, customized payroll reports allow invoicing and payroll data to be analyzed in a single place. Communication and transparency with our clients are key.

4. Compliant hiring in 187 countries

A global employment platform must provide companies with fast and compliant hiring in countries around the world. Companies must take advantage of opportunities as soon as they appear, especially during global expansion. If companies hire the services of an EOR without a solid international structure to solve emergent hiring needs, they may lose an opportunity to leverage candidate skills in a competitive global market and cede market entry momentum to a competitor.

Work only with the best. G-P has a presence in 187 countries allowing companies to move quickly into new markets without additional complexities.

5. Support from local experts

Every country has challenges for companies looking to hire. Candidates have expectations that depend on their local job market, and laws and regulations vary from country to country. G-P provides support from local experts to offer companies the best service in the location where they wish to hire.

6. Around-the-clock support

Global companies need to learn how to work when their workforce is based in various time zones. Asynchronous communication allows organizations to manage their operations and solve non-critical problems efficiently. However, sometimes waiting is not an option. G-P offers companies around-the-clock support to solve any urgent situation as soon as possible. A good Employer of Record offers seamless, dependable support, regardless of time zone or country.

7. 150 currencies for payment convenience

Timely and accurate payments are fundamental for an EOR. The complexity of this issue varies from country to country. Some require payments to be made in their official currency, while others allow companies to pay in other currencies at the cost of additional taxes. Having entities in a country or legal ways to make payments is critical for a global employment platform, that’s why G-P offers instant payment in 150 currencies and with 99 percent payroll accuracy.

8. Self-service onboarding

G-P makes the hiring and onboarding process as simple as possible. Companies are empowered to take control of their expansion timeline with our self-service platform. Customers can access the country details, generate a compliant employment contract and send it for signature on a timescale that suits them best.

9. Partners ecosystem

Globalization Partners’ partnership program allows companies to offer their clients all the benefits and expertise from our Global Growth Platform™. Companies identify their candidate and G-P takes on the responsibility of a legal employer. Additionally, partners have access to benefits such as dedicated account and support teams, incentive programs, training and enablement, and marketing tools and programs.

10. Visa sponsorship support

Managing visa programs in different countries, each with its own laws and regulations can be intimidating and complex. G-P offers visa sponsorship support in 31 countries, allowing companies to move employees from one place to another as quickly as possible.

Don’t take unnecessary risks working with subpar options:

We understand that global growth can be costly, and it’s tempting to cut some corners. However, working with a subpar employer of record can end up costing companies far more in the long run. If companies hire an inefficient global employment platform they might need to invest more money in services that are not covered such as support for contractors, hiring in certain countries, and visa sponsorships.
Don’t waste time and money ⸺ instead work with the best global employment platform in the market. Book a demo or request a proposal with G-P and start your global journey today.


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