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Andorra Recruiting and Hiring

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Do you already have employees lined up in Andorra, or do you still need to recruit the best candidates? No matter what position you’re in, you’ll find that hiring Andorra employees is time-consuming and often difficult. You need to follow Andorra’s employment compliance laws to avoid fines and delays, all while recruiting, hiring, and onboarding your new employees.

Many companies don’t have the time to handle hiring while also dealing with payroll, compensation, benefits, and countless other tasks. Globalization Partners can help with Andorra hiring outsourcing and our Global Expansion Platform™. We’ll use our Andorra PEO to let you start working immediately, give your employees a positive hiring experience, and help you stay compliant.

Recruiting in Andorra

When you decide to expand your company to Andorra, staffing begins with making connections. As with any country, forming contacts with your recruits requires at least a basic understanding of cultural expectations. As a small country between France and Spain, Andorra has a unique culture that shares features with its neighbors while offering distinct characteristics.

When recruiting, pay attention to these cultural specificities.

1.Consider the Local Media

With influential countries such as France and Spain close by, Andorra adopted many of those countries’ media outlets. The right to free speech makes media forms valuable to locals.

The country has two daily newspapers, Diari d’Andorra and El Periodic. These can be useful resources because you can advertise your open positions. They’re also an excellent way to connect with locals — bringing up stories in the paper will show your interest in the country.

2. Speak the Language

The national language is a romance language called Catalan, but locals also speak French and Spanish and will occasionally use Portuguese. While it’s possible to meet English speakers in the region, it’s not a guarantee. Speaking Catalan, even if it’s just a basic greeting, can show your appreciation for the culture. When you speak their language, locals may try to use yours, too.

3. Be Punctual

If you plan to conduct interviews in person or set up meetings with recruits, it’s essential to be punctual. People value being timely and efficient. You should arrive earlier than or at the set time of your meeting and have a plan for the discussion. A smooth meeting indicates that you’re organized and trustworthy in a leadership position, and these qualities will attract recruits.

The Recruitment Process in Andorra

Staffing and recruiting begin as they would in any other country. You first have to identify the position you’re trying to fill and create a job description. What education and experience are you looking for? Other specifics of the job should include wages and benefits.

The country’s minimum wage is €1,045.33 a month, so you should decide on your salaries in relation to that figure. Consider paid time off, including the 14 national holidays. Workers also receive 30 calendar days of paid annual leave after working with an employer for a year. You may even choose to offer extra benefits such as yearly bonuses, as these factors could encourage someone to apply for your open jobs. When you create a thorough and reliable recruitment plan, you’ll find job candidates with ease.

The most significant part of the recruiting process is identifying whether to handle it on your own or with help from an outside agency. You can:

  • Create your own recruitment plan and advertise open positions yourself.
  • Find a local hiring agency in the country to find candidates for you.
  • Work with a global PEO, also known as an employer of record, to gain access to international hiring services.

While you can handle recruiting on your own, it will take time, money, and complete knowledge of local labor laws. An in-country hiring agency can handle the recruiting process but you will still be responsible for compliance. Working with a global PEO such as Globalization Partners is the only option that ensures you receive a talented team without shouldering any risks.

How to Hire Andorra Employees

Andorra will allow you to hire employees using an oral or written contract in Catalan. However, we recommend a written contract that outlines everything from compensation and benefits to termination requirements and working hours. This contract will create a clear agreement between you and the employee. Keep in mind that all salary and compensation amounts should be in Euro instead of any other currency.

You can also hire employees under a written probation period as long as it doesn’t exceed one month. The only exception is positions in which the salary exceeds the minimum wage by a set amount. If the worker already worked at a workplace similar to yours for less than five years, you cannot give them a probation period.

Andorra Employment Compliance Laws

You must follow Andorra’s employment compliance laws during and after the hiring process. When employees start working for your company, they must work no more than eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. For every hour they work over this standard time, they must receive cash or an extra day off as overtime payment.

Recommended Steps for Onboarding

Once the Andorra employees you hire are ready to get started, you need to provide an adequate onboarding process. If you fail to provide the right information, your employees won’t be as productive as you wish, and they may be unhappy with their future with your company. We recommend starting the process by having employees sign their employment contract so that you can avoid any potential litigation. Then, enroll them in a robust training program so that they can start working in their skilled positions immediately.

Benefits of Andorra Hiring Outsourcing

When you undergo a global expansion, you’ll have a lot on your mind. The biggest benefit of Andorra hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is that we can take the stress off your shoulders and onto our own. Our team can recruit top talent or onboard the people you’ve already chosen. We’ll provide a positive hiring process for your new employees, and we’ll help your employees be productive from day one. Since we act as the Employer of Record, you can have ultimate peace of mind about Andorra employment compliance.

Expand Quickly With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners offers the global expansion solution you need for success. Contact us today to learn more about Andorra hiring outsourcing.

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