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Bermudian dollar (BMD)

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Employer of Record in Bermuda.

Bermuda is an archipelago of 181 islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of around 70,000, it’s the most populated British international territory. If your company plans to expand its business to Bermuda, working with an Employer of Record is a simple way to hire employees based in Bermuda compliantly.

10Holidays per year
40hours per weekWorking hours per day or month
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Payroll in Bermuda.

Managing payroll under local laws is essential to your company’s compliance as you grow in new countries.

Hiring in BmBermuda.

If your company wants to scale to Bermuda, you must know how to recruit and hire there. Understanding the country’s labor laws is one part of the process of recruiting Bermuda-based workers. Awareness of the cultural nuances and expectations during hiring is also essential.

Compensation & Benefits in Bermuda.

When building an international team, compensation and benefits are critical for attracting and retaining talent. Choosing and dispersing these provisions requires a clear understanding of a country’s labor laws to maintain compliance from the beginning.

BMD16.40 per hourMinimum wage per month
2weeksAnnual vacation leave (min)

Bermuda Contractors.

Hiring talent internationally is a standard practice for many growing companies, and working with independent contractors may be part of your strategy. Learning how to apply this worker type is essential for a successful hiring process in Bermuda.


Bermuda Subsidiary.

Establishing a subsidiary in Bermuda can give you the chance to develop an independent company culture from your parent company and gain a separate legal presence. However, this process can take time, so it’s important to understand the requirements.

Work visas & permits in BermudaTypes of work visasRequirements to obtain a visaApplication processImportant considerations

Bermuda Visas & Permits.

As your company grows in Bermuda, you may need to obtain work permits and visas for certain employees. Only those who are based in Bermuda, married to a Bermuda-based individual, or holders of a Permanent Resident Certificate can work in Bermuda without a permit. Knowing which permits your employees need will streamline the hiring process.


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