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As your company grows in Bermuda, you may need to obtain work permits and visas for certain employees. Only those who are based in Bermuda, married to a Bermuda-based individual, or holders of a Permanent Resident Certificate can work in Bermuda without a permit. Knowing which permits your employees need will streamline the hiring process.

Types of Bermuda work visas

The type of Bermuda work permit individuals need depends on their industry, the company they work for, and how long they will work in the country. The seven work permit options include:

  1. Standard Work Permit
  2. Periodic Work Permit
  3. Short-Term Work Permit
  4. New Business Work Permit
  5. Global Entrepreneur Work Permit (GE Permit)
  6. Global Work Permit
  7. Fintech Work Permit

How to get a work visa in Bermuda

It’s the employer’s responsibility to obtain Bermuda work visas for employees who aren’t currently residents of the country. Before your company can apply for work visas for new employees, you need to advertise the job in Bermuda. If no qualified applicants apply, you can proceed with the work permit application process.

The application your company completes depends on the type of permit. Work permits can generally last anywhere from one to five years, and you can choose the length when you apply. Your company must pay a fee for the permit based on the length and permit type.

You may need to submit additional information or documentation when applying for a work permit. Requirements can vary depending on the type and number of permits your company applies for. If you apply for more than 10 new business work permits within the first six months of operations, you may also need to provide a copy of your staffing plan.

You have the option of extending work permits rather than letting them expire. The renewal process is the same as the application process, and your company must submit the application form no later than one month before the expiration.

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