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Expand your global workforce in HtHaiti








Haitian Creole

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Gourde (G) (HTG)

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Employer of Record in Haiti.

Expanding your company internationally is a great opportunity to enter new markets and hire global talent. You’ll face a few challenges, though. Successfully establishing your company in a new country involves complying with that country’s employment laws and business regulations.

12Holidays per year
48hours per weekWorking hours per day or month
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Payroll in Haiti.

International expansion is crucial to your business’s success. It’s an exciting process, but it brings a host of new challenges. Administering payroll for your in-country employees can be complex. When you manage a global workforce, you’ll have to consider factors like currency exchange rates, international banking practices, tax laws, and entitlement terms.

Hiring in HtHaiti.

Recruiting and hiring stellar candidates is essential to your company’s success in any country. When you expand internationally, you need talented employees on your team to turn your company’s vision into reality. Hiring an international workforce requires compliance with labor laws in other countries.

Compensation & Benefits in Haiti.

International expansion can be complex, but taking your company overseas is an essential step toward your success in the long term.

HTG770 per dayMinimum wage per month
15daysAnnual vacation leave (min)

Haiti Subsidiary.

Global expansion has its challenges, and one of them is a nation’s requirements for an in-country business entity. One solution is establishing a subsidiary under your parent company. While different countries have unique requirements, the setup process tends to be lengthy and expensive.

Work visas & permits in HaitiTypes of work visasRequirements to obtain a visaApplication processImportant considerations

Haiti Visas & Permits.

When you expand your company to a new country, you need to attract talented employees, hire them quickly, and onboard them to your team. Before your new hires can start working, though, they need the proper documentation for the country where they’ll be working. For citizens, this is no problem. However, hiring becomes more complex when your favorite candidates will have to immigrate for their new job.


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