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Lesotho Recruiting and Hiring

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When you first opened the doors to your parent company, it most likely took a lot of work to start running your company. You wouldn’t have been able to do it without a smart, talented, and driven team. Your Lesotho employees will likewise help build your subsidiary, but you need to recruit, hire, and onboard the right team members first.

Globalization Partners helps companies make the most of the hiring process through Lesotho hiring outsourcing. We’ll recruit top talent for you and make sure they can be productive from the beginning. By hiring them through our existing subsidiary, we’ll handle all Lesotho employment compliance on your behalf. You’ll only need to worry about running your company while we take care of the rest.

Recruiting in Lesotho

Lesotho, home to the Basotho people, is a country in South Africa rich with natural beauty. When you expand your company to this country, you will have to handle recruiting. However, a significant part of Lesotho recruiting is understanding the business culture. Grasping the nuances of appearance and behavior can help you connect with the locals and find the talent right for the job.

For successful Lethoso staffing and recruiting processes, pay attention to these cultural contexts.

1. Learn the Communication Style

Locals like to take the time to chat with people before getting to business matters. When you first meet someone, you should ask them how they are. Introductions will often lead to small talk about the weather, families, or overall health. This greeting style is indicative of the casual pace of the nation.

Business conversations will typically be direct unless there is a sense of conflict. People will often find creative and diplomatic ways to address disagreements. If you enter any form of discord with a potential employee, you should mimic this diplomacy.

2. Understand Their Concept of Time

If you schedule a meeting with someone, you should make a point to be on time. However, transportation systems within the country are inconsistent. While you may try to make it to a meeting on time, a delayed bus could stop you. This situation is a widely understood circumstance.

Always confirm meeting times the day of the event, if possible. This practice can help someone plan ahead for transportation needs.

3. Value the Radio as a Resource

Parts of the country have mobile phone coverage and internet access, but these are not widespread forms of communication. Printing costs are high as well, making the radio the most valued form of mass communication in the country. If you intend to release advertisements for your open position, the radio is the best medium to use.

The Recruitment Process in Lesotho

Your recruitment process should start with descriptions of your open positions, including daily tasks, expectations, necessary experience levels, salary, and benefits.

Every country has different regulations for compensation. In Lesotho, the minimum wage varies by sector, and it can be anywhere from 1,178 to 1,285 maloti a month. You should also observe time off regulations — the country’s laws require 12 days of annual leave, 10 holidays off, and 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. Benefits play a significant role in whether a person will choose a job. Make sure you’re meeting the country’s minimums and consider offering more than the requirements to make the position more appealing.

The most involved stage of Lesotho staffing is finding talent. You have a few options for how you manage this step. You can:

  • Partner with a global PEO, also known as an employer of record, for international hiring resources.
  • Find a local hiring agency to track down talent for you.
  • Create a recruitment plan with your own network and advertising methods.

The fastest and least risky way to expand is by working with a global PEO such as Globalization Partners. As the Employer of Record, we handle recruiting and hiring while ensuring your company meets all the necessary regulations.

How to Hire Lesotho Employees

If you don’t know where to start while learning how to hire Lesotho employees, remember that it’s best to start with an employment contract. These contracts can be oral or written, but we recommend a written contract in English that spells out crucial terms. While you can include any key employment terms, we recommend outlining working hours, salary, benefits, and termination requirements. All compensation amounts should be in Lesotho Loti instead of another currency.

Lesotho has strict non-discrimination laws that will impact how you hire employees. You cannot exclude or make a preference for any employee based on race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, or a related characteristic. Sexual harassment is prohibited, and men and women must get equal pay for work of equal value.

Lesotho Employment Compliance Laws

The majority of Lesotho’s employment compliance laws are included in the Labor Code Order of 1992 and subsequent amendments. The Labor Code regulates laws related to everything from worker health to safety and welfare. It also stipulates that employees must have freedom of association and the right to bargain collectively. Unfortunately, employers sometimes violate such rights.

Since collective bargaining is common in Lesotho, we recommend making sure you’re following the right laws. Labor unions can have Lesotho employment compliance laws that differ from the statutory requirements, so you must follow the right laws.

Successfully Onboarding Employees

After you hire Lesotho employees, the next step is onboarding them. While this process may seem simple, it can determine your employees’ success with your company. Make sure you both agree on employment contract terms, then give employees all the resources and training they need. If your company involves lots of collaboration among employees, try creating opportunities for employees to get to know one another.

Benefits of Lesotho Hiring Outsourcing

Choosing Lesotho hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners will bring your company many benefits, the first being that you won’t need to worry about learning how to hire Lesotho employees. We also handle all Lesotho employment compliance as the Employer of Record. Our team will ensure that your employees have a positive hiring experience and get to start working for you right away.

Trust the Global Compliance Experts

Globalization Partners provides Lesotho hiring outsourcing services to any company trying to expand to the country without their own subsidiary. Contact us today for more information.

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