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Morocco Hiring

One of the problematic parts of an expansion is hiring talented employees who you trust to fill your open positions. However, the process can look different than hiring for your parent company. You have to learn all of Morocco’s employment compliance laws, discuss the best way to onboard employees, and continue to run a new business location.

Globalization Partners will help you simplify the process through Morocco hiring outsourcing. As a global PEO, we will act as the Employer of Record and take matters of compliance on for you so that your only concern is expanding across borders.

How to Hire Employees in Morocco

Morocco’s environment has been slowly growing over the years, and its straightforward business regulations make it relatively easy for foreign companies to expand. However, the country has extensive employment compliance laws that cover all employees and can make it difficult to hire.

When you hire employees in Morocco, you must hire them under a written employment contract in the local language. The contract should include information about compensation, benefits, termination terms, and more. You should also make sure you list all salary and compensation amounts in Moroccan dirham instead of a foreign currency.

Morocco Employment Compliance Laws

Morocco’s employment compliance laws are meant to protect laborers’ rights, including the right to collective bargaining. Just under 6% of the population is unionized, so it’s important to make sure you meet all of the union’s regulations in an employment contract. The Moroccan Labor Union is the largest labor union group and has a significant amount of power throughout Moroccan commerce.

Other areas covered by the Moroccan Labor Code include:

  • Conditions of employment and work
  • Termination of employment
  • Wages and minimum wage
  • Minimum age for employment
  • Maternity protections
  • Workweek hours and overtime
  • Paid annual and holiday leave
  • Labor inspections
  • And more

Onboarding Employees in Morocco

You do not have to onboard employees in one specific way per Morocco employment compliance laws. Instead, you’re free to decide how you want to introduce employees to your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract, company code of conduct, and other key documents with new employees during their first day or week. If you’re not available to travel to Morocco for the onboarding process, try to recruit another company executive to help make employees more comfortable.

The Benefit of Morocco Hiring Outsourcing Services

When you decide to hire Moroccan employees yourself, you have to ensure that you’re compliant throughout every step of the process. Plus, you need to find the time to travel back and forth to Morocco to make the hires. Although you can work with any Morocco hiring outsourcing company, you’ll still be held responsible for Morocco employment compliance laws.

Globalization Partners offers the greatest benefits through our Employer of Record platform. We’ll use our existing subsidiary to help you get started in a few days instead of going through the lengthy process to set up your own subsidiary. Then, we’ll hire talented employees who will work on your behalf.

Contact Globalization Partners

If you’re planning an expansion to Morocco, work with Globalization Partners to make the process easier.┬áContact us today┬áto learn more.

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