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One common global expansion challenge is hiring talented employees who you trust to drive business success in a new market. As recruiting and hiring in Morocco can look different than hiring in your home country, it’s critical to understand the local employment laws and best practices for talent acquisition.

Recruiting in Morocco

The country’s progress and development mean that new opportunities have opened up in several industries. For example, technology and communications sectors are now in high demand. However, recruiting in Morocco isn’t always easy. You’ll have to assess which languages the candidate should speak, what educational requirements they must have, and whether they must provide additional documentation if they’re an international worker.

Some of the best places to advertise positions and look for candidates include:

  • ReKrute.
  • Option Carrière.
  • Maroc Emploi.
  • Bayt.
  • Wzayef.
  • Learn4Good.

Once you have a small team, you can start a referral process to find other local candidates. You can also choose to work with a recruitment agency or headhunter, but you will still be responsible for complying with all laws.

Background checks

While Morocco does not have rules pertaining to background checks, the law does state that employers should only take into account the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and professional recommendations. Employers are permitted to check an individual’s immigration status.

Laws against discrimination in Morocco

While recruiting regulations in Morocco are less strict than in some other countries, the law prohibits any employment discrimination based on race, color, sex, disability, marital status, religion, political opinion, union, nationality, and social origin – and violations can lead to fines or other serious consequences.

How to hire employees in Morocco

Morocco’s business environment has been slowly growing over the years, and its straightforward employment regulations make it relatively easy for international companies to expand into the local market. However, the country has extensive employment compliance laws that cover all employees and can make it challenging to hire without the proper expertise or preparation.

When you hire employees in Morocco, you must hire them under a written employment contract in the local language. Both fixed-term and indefinite contracts are permitted. The contract should include information about compensation, benefits, termination terms, and more. You should also make sure you list all salary and compensation amounts in Moroccan dirham instead of another currency. Law stipulates that there should be 2 signed copies of each contract, both legalized by the competent authority.

Morocco employment laws

Morocco’s employment laws are meant to protect laborers’ rights, including the right to collective bargaining. Approximately 23% of the employed population is unionized, so it’s essential to make sure you meet all of the union’s regulations in an employment contract. The Moroccan Labor Union is the largest labor union group and has a significant amount of power throughout Moroccan commerce.

Other areas covered by the Moroccan Labor Code include:

  • Conditions of employment and work.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Wages and minimum wage.
  • Minimum age for employment.
  • Maternity protections.
  • Work week hours and overtime.
  • Paid annual and holiday leave.
  • Labor inspections.

Onboarding in Morocco

You do not have to onboard employees in a specific way per Morocco employment compliance laws. Instead, you’re free to decide how you want to introduce employees to your company. We recommend reviewing the employment contract, company code of conduct, and other key documents with new employees during their first day or week.

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