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Peru Hiring

While Peru does not have a Labor Code, employment compliance stems from a variety of different regulations that come into play when you hire employees. To stay compliant, you’ll need to set aside time to understand the complexities of these laws or hire an expert in Peru employment compliance.

Globalization Partners offers companies the chance to hire employees without first establishing a subsidiary. Our Employer of Record service means all liability for hiring and employment compliance falls on our shoulders instead of yours.

How to Hire Employees in Peru

Peru prohibits direct and indirect discrimination and harassment in job offers and throughout the hiring, compensation, and termination processes. Employers cannot request a background check on job applicants because knowing applicants’ backgrounds could cause discrimination.

You can also choose to hire an employee under a standard probationary period of three months. However, you should put this arrangement in writing to ensure both parties agree to its terms. A decision to extend this period up to six months or a year should also be in writing.

Peru Employment Compliance

Employment contracts in Peru are legally allowed to be written or verbal. However, it’s best to draft a strong written employment contract when you hire employees in Peru. A fixed-term contract for up to five years needs to be in writing and must be registered with the Labour Ministry to meet Peru employment compliance regulations.

Your employment contract should include these details in the local language:

  • Compensation (in Peruvian soles)
  • Benefits
  • Entitlement and termination terms
  • Work hours
  • Paid vacation time

How to Onboard Employees

When you are ready to onboard your new employees, you should take every step possible to make them comfortable on their first day. Establish the kind of workplace culture you want to promote before they start, then take steps to integrate that culture into your daily routine.

Once an employee signs a written employment contract, it can be tempting to file it and only get it out when necessary. However, it is best practice to go over the employment contract, an office code of conduct, and any other relevant documents on the employee’s first day or during their first week.

Benefits of Peru Hiring Outsourcing

Between figuring out how to hire Peru employees to strictly following matters of Peru employment compliance, hiring can take up a significant amount of your time and resources. Instead, Globalization Partners can change how you expand and hire through our Employer of Record platform.

Instead of setting up a subsidiary before you hire, we’ll hire for you in Peru. This service allows us to hire employees who work on your behalf. We’ll take responsibility for Peru employment compliance, so you have more time to work on what’s essential to your business.

Why Work With Globalization Partners?

Globalization Partners offers an easier way to expand to a new country. When you want to hire employees in Peru, contact us to learn about how our services can help.

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