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Sierra Leone Hiring

Hiring the right employees in Sierra Leone is the key to helping your business succeed. You need talented candidates to fill your open positions and the time to recruit those candidates in a country with a low population. That’s where Globalization Partners can step in. As a global PEO, we’re uniquely positioned to help you expand without the hassle of setting up a subsidiary. When you work with us, we’ll handle your payroll, hiring, compensation, benefits, and compliance, so you’ll only need to worry about growing your company.

How to Hire Sierra Leone Employees

Recruitment is often a difficult task for employers in Sierra Leone since the country’s population is less than 10 million people and many are already employed in the agricultural sector. Some of the best ways to hire employees in Sierra Leone include:

  • Relying on word of mouth or referrals
  • Advertising in a local newspaper
  • Posting at the local employment office
  • Using temporary employment agencies
  • Employing street advertising
  • Using employment websites or job boards
  • Advertising on social media
  • Attending a job fair
  • Using a recruitment agency

Sierra Leone Employment Compliance Laws

Although Sierra Leone’s employment compliance laws do not mandate a written employment contract, we recommend putting one in place. The country allows fixed-term contracts for up to 12 months with the option to renew. Whether you hire an employee under a fixed-term contract or an indefinite contract, you should include everything from compensation to benefits to termination requirements. All salary and compensation amounts should be in Sierra Leonean leone instead of a foreign currency.

Once you hire employees, it’s important to note that they should work about 40 hours a week. Any work over 40 hours should get paid at an additional 50%, and work on rest days is an additional 100%.

The Best Ways to Onboard Employees

Sierra Leone employment compliance laws do not include any specific information about onboarding employees. However, you should take steps to make the onboarding experience comfortable and fast for everyone involved. Plan your new employee’s schedule out for their first week, and make sure you include any training that could help them on the job. You should also review the employment contract with your new employee on their first day to make sure all the terms and conditions are acceptable to both parties.

Benefits of Choosing Sierra Leone Hiring Outsourcing

If you’re not sure how to hire employees in Sierra Leone and want to outsource, you have two options. You can work with either a local recruitment agency or a global PEO. While a recruitment agency can help you find the right employees, they cannot handle compliance, and you’ll still be responsible for Sierra Leone employment compliance laws.

As a global PEO, Globalization Partners can recruit top talent and also take on compliance. We’ll hire employees and assign them to work on your behalf through Sierra Leone hiring outsourcing. Then, we can handle all compliance on behalf of your company to take the stress out of your expansion.

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