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Turkmenistan Hiring

Hiring and employment compliance are two of the trickiest tasks for any company. Even in your native country, you may have had trouble hiring the right employees, providing the necessary benefits, and meeting all the applicable laws. However, hiring the right Turkmenistan employees will help your company succeed in a new country.

Globalization Partners understands the importance of hiring and Turkmenistan employment compliance. That’s why we’ll act as the Employer of Record to help you find the right employees without worrying about compliance. We’ll hire your team members using our Turkmenistan PEO, and they can start working for your company in as little as a day or two.

How to Hire Turkmenistan Employees

If you’re trying to learn how to hire Turkmenistan employees, you should start with an employment contract. An oral or written contract in Turkmen or Russian will spell out all the terms of employment and help you create a clear agreement with new hires. It’s best to include working hours, salary, health insurance information, termination requirements, and similar terms. Also, make sure all contracts and offer letters list the salary and compensation amounts in Turkmenistan Manat instead of another currency.

If you’re planning on hiring expatriates, you’ll need to give them a letter of invitation for them to apply for a work visa. Then, they’ll need to pay the applicable fees and give the employer all the right documentation before starting to work for your company.

Turkmenistan Employment Compliance Laws

Turkmenistan employment compliance laws are listed in the country’s labor law and constitution. The country’s basic labor rights include the following:


  • Right to choose a profession
  • Right to choose an occupation
  • Right to choose a place of work
  • Right to safe and healthy working conditions
  • Protection against unemployment

How Do You Onboard Employees?

Your process to onboard employees should depend on your goals for the employment relationship. For example, if you’ll operate a small subsidiary and want all employees to be close, you should onboard them together and create events for them to bond. If your company is more focused on technical jobs, you may want to provide advanced training related to your operations or each employee’s position. Overall, you should make sure you review the employee’s contract, provide some sort of training, and ensure that employees are staying compliant.

Benefits of Turkmenistan Hiring Outsourcing

Turkmenistan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is a great solution for companies that don’t have the time or resources to establish their own subsidiary. Instead of waiting months to start hiring employees and getting to work, remember that we can help you start working fast through our global PEO. Plus, we’ll make sure your employees have a positive hiring experience, and you won’t have any worries about compliance.

Work With Globalization Partners

Our team wants to help you expand successfully to countries around the world. You can count on us to help you get the top talent you need quickly. Contact us today for more information about Turkmenistan hiring outsourcing.

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