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Turkmenistan Recruiting & Hiring

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Hiring and employment compliance are two of the trickiest tasks for any company. Even in your native country, you may have had trouble hiring the right employees, providing the necessary benefits, and meeting all the applicable laws. However, recruiting and hiring the right Turkmenistan employees will help your company succeed in a new country.

Globalization Partners understands the importance of hiring and Turkmenistan employment compliance. That’s why we’ll act as the Employer of Record to help you find the right employees without worrying about compliance. We’ll hire your team members using our Turkmenistan PEO, and they can start working for your company in as little as a day or two.

Recruiting in Turkmenistan

With a high level of economic growth in recent years, Turkmenistan is an excellent destination for businesses in the midst of international expansion. But like any unfamiliar country, Turkmenistan has a variety of cultural nuances you’ll need to navigate during the recruitment process. Understanding the country’s business etiquette and workplace culture can help you connect with the right candidates faster so your company can grow overseas. 

As you start setting up meetings and interviews with prospective employees in Turkmenistan, you might want to keep the following tips in mind. 

1. Be Mindful of Religious Traditions

For a majority of Turkmenistan’s population, Islam is a part of everyday life. While religion shouldn’t factor into your company’s hiring decisions, your recruiting team should consider it as part of the local culture. With that in mind, you will want to be cognizant of a variety of religious considerations when you’re staffing in Turkmenistan. 

If you plan to share a meal with potential hires or new employees, it’s best to avoid serving alcohol or pork. You should also avoid giving gifts that contain pork products, including leather. Additionally, you should try not to schedule meetings during daily prayer times. 

2. Don’t Expect Meetings to Start on Time

It’s always a good idea to try to be punctual for meetings and interviews in an unfamiliar country. However, don’t be too surprised if a potential hire arrives a bit behind schedule. Turkmenistan doesn’t have the same rigid ideas of time management that you might expect in countries like the United States or Japan.

3. Keep Greetings Formal

When you meet a candidate in Turkmenistan, you should address them by their title and surname rather than their first name. The most common way to greet a potential hire is by offering them a handshake. However, when a man and a woman meet, the man should wait for the woman to initiate the handshake. Some women prefer to greet men by nodding instead. It’s also a good idea for men to avoid making prolonged eye contact with women in Turkmenistan.

What Is the Recruitment Process in Turkmenistan Like?

The recruitment process can vary from country to country, but sourcing talent is going to be one of your first steps no matter where you are. When you’re staffing in Turkmenistan, you might be wondering whether you should handle the process internally or outsource it to a local company.

If you choose to take on the staffing process in-house, you’ll need to start by finding the country’s most popular recruitment channels. Turkmenistan’s media industry is relatively small, so you might not see many results from advertising your open positions in local newspapers. Many job seekers prefer to look for opportunities online. 

Turkmenistan doesn’t have a centralized job board, but you’ll find some specialized sites for positions in specific industries. For example, Rigzone is a popular website to find opportunities in the energy sector. You’ll probably want to look for similar sites to post your company’s job listings. 

If you’re working on a strict timeline, you might want to speed up the recruitment process by working with a local hiring agency or a global PEO. Be sure to do some research and partner with an organization that you can trust to deliver the results you want. 

Legal Requirements for Staffing and Recruiting in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s constitution includes a general guarantee of equality for citizens. Protected characteristics include:

  • Gender.
  • Political party affiliation.
  • Origin.
  • Race.
  • Nationality.
  • Religion.
  • Language.
  • Financial status.

To make sure your company stays compliant when you’re staffing in Turkmenistan, you should avoid asking candidates any direct questions about these traits.

How to Hire Turkmenistan Employees

If you’re trying to learn how to hire Turkmenistan employees, you should start with an employment contract. An oral or written contract in Turkmen or Russian will spell out all the terms of employment and help you create a clear agreement with new hires. It’s best to include working hours, salary, health insurance information, termination requirements, and similar terms. Also, make sure all contracts and offer letters list the salary and compensation amounts in Turkmenistan Manat instead of another currency.

If you’re planning on hiring expatriates, you’ll need to give them a letter of invitation for them to apply for a work visa. Then, they’ll need to pay the applicable fees and give the employer all the right documentation before starting to work for your company.

Turkmenistan Employment Compliance Laws

Turkmenistan employment compliance laws are listed in the country’s labor law and constitution. The country’s basic labor rights include the following:

  • Right to choose a profession
  • Right to choose an occupation
  • Right to choose a place of work
  • Right to safe and healthy working conditions
  • Protection against unemployment

How Do You Onboard Employees?

Your process to onboard employees should depend on your goals for the employment relationship. For example, if you’ll operate a small subsidiary and want all employees to be close, you should onboard them together and create events for them to bond. If your company is more focused on technical jobs, you may want to provide advanced training related to your operations or each employee’s position. Overall, you should make sure you review the employee’s contract, provide some sort of training, and ensure that employees are staying compliant.

Benefits of Turkmenistan Hiring Outsourcing

Turkmenistan hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners is a great solution for companies that don’t have the time or resources to establish their own subsidiary. Instead of waiting months to start hiring employees and getting to work, remember that we can help you start working fast through our global PEO. Plus, we’ll make sure your employees have a positive hiring experience, and you won’t have any worries about compliance.

Work With Globalization Partners

Our team wants to help you expand successfully to countries around the world. You can count on us to help you get the top talent you need quickly. Contact us today for more information about Turkmenistan hiring outsourcing.

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