Thought Leadership Series

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Value Creation Through Global Expansion

Todd Goffman, General Counsel and Kevin Burke, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Globalization Partners, discuss:

  • How an industry leader cut time-to-market and time-to-product-launch by using a global hiring solution.

Hiring, Managing, and Growing Teams at Your Portfolio Companies

Emily Boynton and Melissa Cooper, VP of Human Resources and SVP of Global Operations respectively at Globalization Partners, discuss:

  • The challenge of finding local HR services and securing benefits outside your market.
  • Onboarding of new hires and ongoing management of cross-border teams.
  • How to support your portfolio companies to safely test the waters in other countries.

Protecting Intellectual Property and Staying Compliant – Two Ways to Build Portfolio Value

Debbie Millin and Nicole Forbes, COO and Deputy General Counsel respectively at Globalization Partners, discuss:

  • The risks of losing talent during M&A transactions or during new market entry by subcontracting or by non-compliant contract offers.
  • Help you can offer your portfolio companies to ensure they are compliant and protected.
  • How you can facilitate your portfolio companies to hire the right talent regardless of their headquarters’ location.

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