How Does a Global Employer of Record Support a PEO?

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Uncover a solution that truly expands and complements your offering.

What if you could unlock the capacity for your clients to hire internationally? Your clients are already thinking about it, and as their valued partner, you want to provide them with the tools to grow, even if that means being a trusted advisor to their expansion outside your jurisdiction.

As you prepare your client companies for international expansion, ease the legal and HR burden of hiring internationally by joining forces with an Employer of Record (EOR). Learn how this solution adds new value to your service so that existing clients stay longer, and prospects see you as a highly attractive partner to support their hiring efforts.

Download this quick guide to learn:

  • The differences between EORs and PEOs
  • How to unlock an extension to your U.S. payroll solution
  • Solutions for the challenges your clients are already facing

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